WATCH: Jenelle Evans Posts Poolside Bikini TikTok Video

Jenelle Evans

Instagram/Jenelle Evans Former "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans shared a video of herself dancing in a bikini.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans posted a new video to Instagram on Wednesday where she showed off her bikini body. The star hit back at followers who made negative comments about her weight in the caption.

“When people talk about my weight, I’ll just keep on dancing,” she wrote. Within minutes of being posted, the video garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Evans Returned to ‘The Land’ with Eason

Last month, Evans revealed she was back together with estranged husband David Eason. “Yes, me and him are deciding to work it out right now and we’re taking it slowly,” the former Teen Mom 2 star revealed during a YouTube Q&A on March 21.

Evans and Eason split in October, with the 28-year-old obtaining a temporary restraining order against Eason. The couple shares a 3-year-old daughter Ensley tother. Evans has sons Jace, 10, and Kaiser, 5, from previous relationships. Jace lives with her mom, Barbara Evans.

After she and Eason split, Evans moved to Nashville Tennesse. Now she’s back in North Carolina with Eason in the home they call, “The Land.”

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For fans who were worried about Evans, the star said a lot of things had changed in their relationship. “Me and him have decided to just remain positive no matter what and if we have an issue, we really need to talk it out. I wanna’ tell you guys that David has never abused the children, he has never abused me,” she said.

Evans added: “We have always had disagreements and those disagreements would turn into big arguments and this is the reason why I decided to go back home and work out my relationship because ultimately, this is for my family.”

Evans moved back to North Carolina on “The Land” for the kids. She said they enjoy it there and she couldn’t afford the rent on her own in Nashville.

“I have a house here that I own, I don’t own the apartment in Tennessee, so I decided to move back. All the kids have their own space here, it’s very spacious, we have 11 acres of land for them to play on,” she said during the YouTube Q&A. “Kaiser and Ensley, they really miss the animals, they really miss the chickens, the goats, everything. So we decided to come back here and things are going pretty smooth.”

Evans Left ‘Teen Mom 2’ Last Year

Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2 in early 2019. She said the producers always made her look bad. “Over the years I was just very open and honest and raw and then I got to the point where it was hard for me to trust [the producers] anymore,” Jenelle said on iClick TV’s “Dirty Reality” podcast.

“I didn’t know what was about to air,” she added. “We would film happy scenes and it would never make the cut. I just felt like my reputation to them was ‘the bad one’ and I just feel like I got cut off there and couldn’t continue.”

Evans is looking forward to life with Teen Mom 2. “I’m moving on to new things and better things,” she said on the podcast. “I have a new team I’m working with and we got some projects going on behind the scenes so I’m excited for whenever I can announce that.”

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