Jersey 4 Jersey Benefit Concert Performers & Celebrity Lineup

Halsey, Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Ripa and Chris Rock

Getty Clockwise, starting from top left: Halsey, Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Ripa and Chris Rock.

On Wednesday, April 22, the New Jersey Relief Fund is presenting the broadcast fundraising concert Jersey 4 Jersey. The state of New Jersey is banding together to help fight COVID-19, and 100 percent of the money donated will go toward fighting the medical, economic and social impact of the coronavirus. Every dollar donated will help the “most vulnerable, supporting organizations that provide essential services and aiding those on the front line of the pandemic,” according to the official website.

On March 24, 2020, The New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund was launched, and it is hosted by the Community Foundation of New Jersey.

New Jersey has the second most confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States. As of April 22, New Jersey has 95,865 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 5,063 deaths according to the New Jersey government.

The ‘Jersey 4 Jersey’ Lineup Features Musicians, Actors & Celebrity Personalities

Over a dozen celebrities, ranging from musicians to talk show hosts, are slated to take part in Jersey 4 Jersey. The event lineup is subject to change. Those participating are either from New Jersey or have lived in New Jersey. The lineup is:

Musician Bruce Springsteen, comedian Jon Stewart, musician Jon Bon Jovi, musician Tony Bennett, comedian Chelsea Handler, The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg, actor Danny Devito, musician Charlie Puth, comedian Chris Rock, musician Halsey, musician SZA, talk show host Kelly Ripa, NFL running back Saquon Barkley, and rock band Fountains of Wayne.

Celebrities Give Words of Encouragement & Humor in These Uncertain Times

A few celebrities shared their thoughts about COVID-19 and fighting .

In the video, Springsteen said, “These are uncertain times, but what is for certain is the pain, the fear and the real needs of many of our neighbors, our friends and certainly all of those who are on the frontlines of this pandemic. We are practicing social distancing, we are staying at home. So please, help the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.”

The musician continued, “We need to pull together and start healing at home.”

Jon Stewart said, “I hope everyone is staying safe, staying inside, washing their hands a lot, self-distancing. It’s very similar to how my life normally is, actually. We’re going to come out of this stronger, end up having a slice on the boardwalk, probably something really tasty.”

“I’m a New Jersey guy, I was born in Asbury [Park],” Danny DeVito said. “I stay home and I listen to music, I listen to some Bruce. I watch some TV, got a lot of things. There are so many people on television. Like there’s Danny, there’s Jack, there’s Joe Piscopo, there’s Joe Pesci. You can listen to Bon Jovi. So we got to do it together.”

Jon Bon Jovi said, “We’re staying at home, but what more can we do? So we’re asking our Garden State, New Jersey, to band together.”

Stephen Colbert said, “We know that there are so many lives that have been upended, and who are already, or soon will be, looking for help.”

Whoopi Goldberg said, “This fund will direct dollars to those causes and organizations on the ground providing essential services that are needed, not only for now but also for the weeks and months ahead. It could be you, or me, could be us.”

“Importantly, 100 percent of every dollar you donate will go directly to those organizations that are helping our most vulnerable,” Charlie Puth said.

Tammy Murphy, the wife of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, said, “The New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund community is growing. Band together with us.”

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