Will Jessica & Austin Stay Together or Divorce on MAFS 2020? Spoilers

Lifetime Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd, stars of the upcoming new season of "Married at First Sight," are one of five new couples featured on Season 10.

Jessica and Austin, stars of the hit reality series Married at First Sight, must decide if they want to remain married or get a divorce on tonight’s Season 10 Decision Day finale. The reality stars had a fairly drama-free storyline this season, although the two still dealt with their share of obstacles, including issues with Austin’s travel schedule for work.

So what’s going on with Jessica and Austin today? Do they stay together on Decision Day or call it quits and file for divorce? We’ve got your MAFS finale spoilers below.

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! If you don’t want to know the fate of Jessica and Austin’s relationship, stop reading now! 

Jessica & Austin Stay Together on Decision Day & Austin Finally Says ‘I Love You’ to Jess

Jessica and Austin, Married at First Sight, MAFS

Courtesy of LifetimeAustin and Jessica star in Season 10 of Married at First Sight, premiering January 1st at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

Jessica and Austin unsurprisingly stay together during tonight’s Decision Day finale, and Austin even tells Jessica he loves her after the two recommit. It was clear from the moment they sat down that the reality stars were going to stay together, despite the argument they had the night before Decision Day. However, Austin’s confession makes the moment all the sweeter.

“I do want to see how it works and I want our future to be together so I want to stay married,” Jessica tells Austin, who responds, “It means the world to me and I see you love me, and I feel the commitment and I truly see you have my back every single day. And it makes me know that I love you.”

He adds, “Of course I want to stay married to you, because I love you.” Everybody gets a little teary eyed, and when the experts ask Austin how it feels to finally say the words out loud, he says, “It feels great for me.” Jessica jokingly adds, “I knew it all along,” and they pop a bottle of champagne to toast to their future.

They Were Spotted Wearing Their Wedding Rings & Might be Featured on MAFS: Couples’ Cam Next Month

Jessica and Austin, MAFS, Married at First Sight

InstagramInstagrammer @mafsfan shared a photo of the two cuddled together on a couch during a “MAFS” Watch Party.

It appears Jessica and Austin are still together today, as the two were spotted together at a restaurant in Long Beach, California while Lifetime was filming the MAFS reunion special. The account @mafsfan also shared a picture of the two curled up together on a couch while watching a new episode of the show, so it looks like the reality stars are still going strong today.

Lifetime recently announced a new, self-shot spinoff airing next month titled Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam, which premieres on May 20 and features several former MAFS couples in quarantine. The press release mentions a Season 10 couple joining the cast, so we have a strong feeling we’ll be seeing these two again in the near future (considering – SPOILER ALERT – all of the other Season 10 couples have split up).

“The couples featured in the new series include Doug and Jamie (S1), Ashley and Anthony (S5), Shawniece and Jephte (S6), Danielle and Bobby (S8), Steph and AJ (S8),, Kristine and Keith (S8), Beth and Jamie (S9), Greg and Deonna (S9) and stay tuned to see who joins from Season 10, airing now,” the press release reads.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. You can find updates on the Season 10 castcouples predictions and more MAFS coverage here.

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