Jon Stewart’s House: Where His Wife & Kids Call Home

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Jon Stewart has never been shy about his love for his home state of New Jersey. On Wednesday, April 22, he is opening his home (virtually) to millions of viewers for the Jersey 4 Jersey concert to raise money for New Jersey’s efforts in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is what we know about where he and his wife Tracey McShane call home.

Jon Stewart’s House

Since retiring from The Daily Show, Stewart has dedicated his life to helping abused and neglected animals. In 2015, Stewart, his wife Tracey, and their two children, Nathan and Maggie, turned Bufflehead Farm, the 12-acre estate in Middleton, New Jersey, where the family lives, into an animal sanctuary. The first residents were four pigs, according to the New York Times.

Then in 2016, the Stewarts bought another farm, the Hockhockson Farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey, and turned it into another animal sanctuary. This 45-acres property took a while to get approval from the township officials to be turned into an animal sanctuary, but eventually, it did and the Stewarts couldn’t have been happier.

I’m just really pleased, not just with the outcome but also with the process of creating a project that would be amenable to what they do, but would still honor the spirit of the project,” Jon told at the time. “I thought the process itself was approached in a way in that really gave us great comfort in the investment of time and money we were making into the community.”

On their Facebook page called The Daily Squeal, Tracey recently revealed that Hockhockson Farm is expanding to include “The Fields,” which are 11 acres of growing fields. The aims are to “nourish our community by providing local, healthy produce to those in need, educate people to the benefits of practicing kindness to animals, the earth, and one’s health through promotion of a whole-food, plant-based diet, and inspire a sense of community through shared farming and a spirit of giving back. We will be donating our sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables to Lunch Break as part of our new Farm to Every Table program,” according to the website.

The Jersey 4 Jersey Concert

The concert starts at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Wednesday, April 22. The event will raise money for the NJPRF (New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund) and will also honor those battling the virus on the front lines, like healthcare workers, first responders and other essential employees, according to the official site.

This special evening will feature New Jersey’s biggest champions and celebrities participating from their homes, including Saquon Barkley, Tony Bennett, Jon Bon Jovi, Danny DeVito, Whoopi Goldberg, Halsey, Chelsea Handler, Charlie Puth, Kelly Ripa, Chris Rock, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart, SZA and more. This recognition of New Jersey’s strength and character will also include first-hand accounts from front-line workers and citizens impacted by the pandemic.

“These are uncertain times. What is for certain is the pain, the fear, and the real needs of many of our neighbors, our friends and certainly all of those on the front lines,” says Bruce Springsteen in a preview video, adding, “We are practicing some social distancing, we are staying at home … we need to pull together and start the healing at home. So please, help the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.”

Jersey 4 Jersey kicks off Wednesday, April 22 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

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