Jorge Nava 90 Day Fiancé Update: When Does He Get Out of Prison?

Jorge Nava, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Jorge Nava, star of the hit TLC series "90 Day Fiancé," teased a May release date earlier this month. He will also be starring on new episodes of "Self-Quarantined."

Jorge Nava, star of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé, is set to be released from prison in May, according to a voice message the reality star recorded for fans earlier this month. Nava has been serving a two year prison sentence for felony drug possession after he was caught with 300 pounds of marijuana in his car in 2018. Nava didn’t reveal his exact release date in the message but teased that he would be seeing his fans “soon.”

The reality star plans on jumping right back into the entertainment biz as soon as he is released, according to In Touch. He and estranged wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko are also separated and plan to file for divorce once he is no longer behind bars. Nava and Anfisa starred on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé, as well as the popular spinoff series Happily Ever After.

Fans will also get a chance to catch up with Nava in the coming weeks leading up to his release. The reality star is featured on the new limited miniseries 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantinedwhere he will be documenting his life in prison isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what you need to know about Nava and what he’s been up to ahead of Self-Quarantined: 

He’s Been Receiving Love Letters in Jail & Lost 128 Pounds

Nava has been receiving dozens of love letters while he’s been in jail, according to an interview with In Touch. While he appreciates the gesture, he told the publication that he doesn’t take any of the letters seriously because he “doesn’t know these women.”

“What I do notice is that, you know, a lot of people do connect with me and I feel like they are connecting with what they’ve seen on the TV, not with me personally,” Nava told In Touch on April 24. However, he notes that the letters have been making him feel optimistic about his upcoming release.

“I’m getting released soon, and all [the] positive feedback that I’m getting from strangers, like on social media and stuff like that … it’s just giving me this really good feeling … about my new beginning, really,” Nava added.

The reality star shed a staggering 128 pounds since he was sentenced. He’s kept the weight off through a combination of healthier eating and exercise, and he plans to continue his new fitness regime and lifestyle as soon as he’s released, In Touch reports.

Nava & His Wife Split Up & Are Filing for Divorce Soon

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Nava announced in late March that he and Anfisa were no longer together, and that he planned to make the split official with divorce papers as soon possible. Nava told TMZ that he plans to “deliver official divorce papers” to Anfisa upon his release, claiming his wife “abandoned him while he’s been doing time, and ran off to be with another guy.”

Anfisa was recently spotted with a new man on Instagram, which sparked rumors that she was cheating on Nava. Screengrabs of the photos were posted by Instagrammer FraudedByTLC, which named her new beau –  Leo Assaf – and featured cute, gushy comments the two made to one another. Assaf is the former owner of a gentleman’s club in Los Angeles, according to FraudedByTLC.

Nava recently started a new Instagram page himself, which only features two photos and one video. It appears to be run by an outside source for the time being, but will likely be his main page as soon as he’s released and has access to social media again. A clip of Nava giving a shoutout to fans was recently uploaded to the page and promises a May release date.

“Hey what’s up everybody this is Jorge Nava, I’m really sorry I couldn’t go live today but I really appreciate the love and support you guys have been sending my way,” he says during a recorded phone call. He thanks his followers for their comments and says they’ve been giving him a lot of hope before adding, “Stay safe with all this coronavirus stuff, wash your hands and practice social distancing. I hope to see you guys in May.”

New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined air Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. You can find more 90 Day Fiancé coverage here. In the meantime, you check out all the latest in TV coverage and entertainment news here.

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