Josh Richards Under Fire After Flashing Fans on Instagram Live

Josh Richards

Instagram Josh Richards

TikTok star Josh Richards has received some criticism for flashing his audience on Instagram live on April 27. The 18-year-old social media star joined Griffin Johnson on Instagram live last night, when he dropped the camera to the floor and then lowered his pants and proceeded to pretend to sit on the phone, exposing himself.

The moment went viral and caused a mixed reaction from his audience. Some replied and thanked him for showing them a close-up while others blasted the star for exposing himself to an audience that includes a lot of underage fans.

The Social Media Influencer Issued an Apology the Next Day on Twitter

Richards spoke out after the event in tweets saying “Stop, it’s over,” and, “Yo, kinda legendary tho,” as Dexerto reported. As the criticism continued to pour in, however, the star changed his tune and posted an apology on Tuesday morning, April 28.

He wrote:

I want to apologize about what happened yesterday during the live. I have a responsibility because of the followers I’ve been blessed with, last night I took advantage of that. I’m going to try harder to think before I act. It was never my intention to have leaked what got shown but I made the mistake and understand the consequences. I have made a promise to myself and you guys that I won’t let this social media world change who I am. Sometimes I let that confuse me and I try to prove myself by being crazy. I am not going to be constantly bringing this situation up for immature purposes. I’m going to think about what I’ve done and learn from it. Thank you to everyone that will always stick beside me. I won’t let you guys down this year.

Richards Received Criticism for the Move, While Others Supported the Star

Richards was blasted by some of his supporters for exposing himself to his fans, which includes  underage people. One person said, “oh my god these replies are so twisted. he exposed his d*ck to his minor fans, he knows his fan base, drunk or not. WHAT ARE PEOPLE NOT GETTING? this is not just a situation where you can give a simple apology and it will be forgotten about, he commited a crime!”

In response to his apology, someone wrote: “How tf do u pull your pants down on accident?” Another added: “And if you’re gonna sit here and say he was ‘drunk’ he was drinking white claw which only has 5% alcohol. So please don’t even try it mans knew what he was doing when he did it. That’s disgusting, especially to all of his younger audience.” One Twitter user wrote: “that was disgusting and ridiculous I hope you change your actions.”

However, he did also receive support and some of his supporters complimented the TikTok star. One person wrote, “why do u have to apologize? it was funny as hell are people actually mad?” Another added: “we love you josh and all ur supporters are with u even through ups and downs.” One user replied to the video and said: “this is hot as f**k.” Someone said, “it was funny as hell but thank u for still apologizing.”

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