‘Killer Prom’: Meet the Cast of the Lifetime Movie

Killer Prom Lifetime Cast


Lifetime’s newest movie, Killer Prom, premieres tonight, April 19, 2020 at 8 p.m. on the network. The film follows a woman who would do anything to get the perfect prom that she did not get in high school.

According to the synopsis for the film, “When Cayleigh Wilson, 17, loses her mother in a tragic boating accident, the excitement of her senior year of high school is shattered. But when her deceased mother’s hip and beautiful distant-cousin, Sienna Markle, 40, moves in with Cayleigh and her father, Tony, 40, things start looking up. Sienna gets Cayleigh excited about her life again, especially her senior prom — the biggest high school event! Sienna will stop at nothing to make it a perfect night for her young cousin…including murder.”

The top-billed actors for the movie are Yvonne Zima, who portrays Sienna Markle and Mark Lutz, who portrays Tony. Read on to meet the cast of the new Lifetime movie.

Yvonne Zima as Sienna Markle

Yvonne Zima portrays Sienna Markle in the flick, the obsessive cousin who wants to make the night perfect for her cousin.

Zima is most well-known for her role as Daisy Carter on the soap opera The Young and the Restless between 2009 and 2012, but she got her breakthrough role back in 1996 when she played Caitlin in the film The Long Kiss Goodnight. 

Zima has also played Rachel Greene on ER from 1994-2000. She was nominated for two awards for the character’s portrayal, first for Best Performance by an Actress Under 10 in a TV Series and the second for Best Performance by a Young Actress: TV Drama Series.

Most recently, Zima has appeared in American Horror Story: 1984, Now Apocalypse and This is Us. 

Mark Lutz as Tony Wilson

Mark Lutz portrays Tony Wilson, the father of the young Cayleigh and husband of her deceased mother who allows Sienna to move in with the family for a few weeks.

Lutz has previously appeared on TV in roles like the Canadian Olympic swimmer Victor Davis in the CBC Television Biopic, Groo on the TV series Angel, and as James on Ghost Whisperer. 

According to his IMDb page, Lutz began acting after graduating from University and he first started out in improv comedy. He now has over 40 film and TV credits to his name.

The Supporting Cast Includes Many Actors

The supporting cast of Killer Prom is robust and includes 13 actors. Here’s a breakdown on who plays who in the new film:

  • Erica Anderson as Maya Wilson
  • Jasmine Asha as Violet
  • Brianna Barnes as Lauren King
  • L. Fernando Becerra Sánchez as Police Officer
  • Manny Benda as Luke Wilson
  • Jordan Blais as a Police Officer
  • Gabriel Darku as Tyler McNichol
  • Lorilee Holloway as Dorothy Lawton
  • Madelyn Keys as Kat Merritt
  • Rona Louis-Jeune as Saleswoman
  • Kyle Meagher as Jake Davis
  • Heather Tod Mitchell as Janet Macturn
  • Megan Vincent as Hannah Wilson

Killer Prom premieres on April 19, 2020 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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