Last Minute April Fools Day 2020 Pranks to Pull on Brothers & Sisters

April Fools Day falls on April 1st each year; for 2020, the prank-filled holiday happens on a Wednesday. April Fools Day may feel a bit different, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic that has people staying home and self-quarantining to avoid the spread of the virus.

If you’re home with your family and have brothers or sisters, you may want to celebrate April Fools Day with some good-natured pranks.

Here are some easy, last-minute April Fools Day pranks to trick your sibling this year:

*Please note that that, however you choose to participate in April Fools Day, you should refrain from making any jokes about COVID-19 and make sure you are practicing safe hygiene and social distancing.*

Hide 2 of Their Personal Items, But Say You Hid 3

When your sibling isn’t paying attention, take two of their personal items and hide them somewhere in the house. The hiding places don’t have to be tricky, as your sibling should be able to find them without too much trouble. After you’ve hidden the items, tell your sibling that you hid three items as an April Fools prank. The real prank will be the hours they spend searching for the item you said you hid when in reality it’s where they last left it the whole time!

Replace All the Photos of Them in the House With Photos of a Celebrity

If you’re home together at your family home, there are likely a bunch of photos around the house with your sibling in them. When they’re not paying attention, swap out the photos of your brother or sister with random photos of a celebrity. It can be their favorite (or least favorite) celebrity, or a classic, such as Nicholas Cage.

Cover The Shampoo & Condition Bottles With Saran Wrap

This is a cleaner version of the Saran wrap on the toilet seat April Fools Day pranks. Before your sibling takes a shower, you can take the tops off their shampoo, conditioner, and body and face wash bottles, cover the opening with a layer of saran wrap and then put the tops back in. When they try to use the bottles, none of the soap will come out, confusing and frustrating them until they realize the prank.

Put Sugar in the Salt Shaker

This is an easy one, and a timeless classic that’s been done so many times, they’ll never see it coming. Before dinner, you can swap out the salt in the salt shaker for sugar, so that when they go to season their meal, they’ll be surprised by a sweet taste when what they’re expecting is savory.

Sign Them Up for Random Email Subscriptions

This is a great option if you and your siblings are older and not in the same place for April Fools Day this year. If your brother or sister has an email address (and you know what it is), you can sign them up for an assortment of mailing lists so that they get random emails for days to come. We don’t recommend using their school or work emails for this one.

Use the Parental Controls to Block Them From Watching Their Favorite TV Shows

Most cable providers and streaming services offer parental controls so that parents can limit what shows and movies their kids have access to. If you know your sibling has a favorite show or channel they’re planning to enjoy on April Fools Day, you can activate the parental settings to lock them out of what they’re trying to watch.

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