Married at First Sight Season 10 Decision Day Recap & Spoilers

MAFS, Married at First Sight

Lifetime The MAFS Season 10 couples faced Decision Day during last week's episode. So who is still together today and who went their separate ways?

The Season 10 finale of Married at First Sight has come and gone, and with it came four fairly predictable choices on Decision Day. Two couples decided to stay together and two decided to divorce, while one couple reunited to discuss their failed relationship.

Season 10 featured five couples as they navigated their lives with their “stranger” spouses: Katie and DerekJessica and AustinTaylor and BrandonMindy and Zach, and Meka and Michael all experienced the ups and downs of marrying a complete stranger, with some of the marriages falling flat and others flourishing.

So what happened on Wednesday’s finale? Who stayed together and who called it quits? Read on for a recap of the Season 10 Decision Day choices, but be warned: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! If you don’t want to know the fate of the remaining Season 10 relationships, stop reading now!

Jessica & Austin Stayed Together

Jessica and Austin, easily the best-paired couple of Season 10, unsurprisingly decided to stay together during the finale. Although the two got into an argument the night before Decision Day, both reality stars agreed that they saw a future together, and Austin even told Jessica he loved her in the sweetest Decision Day commitment ever.

“I do want to see how it works and I want our future to be together so I want to stay married,” Jessica told Austin, who responded, “It means the world to me and I see you love me, and I feel the commitment and I truly see you have my back every single day. And it makes me know that I love you.” He adorably added, “Of course I want to stay married to you, because I love you.”

Taylor & Brandon Called it Quits

Taylor and Brandon split up during the Season 10 finale, after an uncomfortable, tense and short meeting with the experts. Brandon showed up to the final meeting late, had an awkward exchange with Pastor Cal about his issues with production, abruptly got up to use the bathroom in the middle of their conversation and then returned for Taylor’s Decision. When asked what she wanted to do, Taylor decided to end their marriage.

Taylor said, “We’ve had some good times, and I feel like we were on the brink of starting new and more communication. But with all the things that have transpired, it might not be the best for us to try to continue. With that being said, I would like to get a divorce.” Brandon immediately responded, “I’m over it,” got up, and left while telling the cameras that “love don’t live here no more.”

Meka & Michael Filed for Divorce

Meka asked Michael for a divorce during the finale, despite the two having a positive conversation about their future together shortly before Decision Day. The two discussed their issues with the experts, and although Meka sounded like she was feeling confident about their progress, she decided that Michael’s habitual lying and dishonesty were too much to handle, so she ended their marriage.

“The past eight weeks have been extremely challenging. It’s been really hard, and is the hardest relationship I’ve ever been in,” Meka told the experts. “But the last two days, I did see some of the progress that I needed to see in order to consider still being in the marriage.” She then added, “But I think for me overall, there’s been way too much deception. There’s so many things that I’m unsure about. I still don’t feel like I know who my husband is, I still don’t know who he is as a person and honestly I don’t know how much of what he’s told me is true, so for that reason I do want a divorce.”

Katie & Derek Gave it Another Shot

Katie and Derek decided to give their relationship another shot on Decision Day, although Katie appeared to be teetering on the verge of calling it quits. The reality star had been questioning her future with Derek for sometime, and she admitted that they needed to focus on strengthening their emotional connection, but she still decided to stay with her husband in the end.

“I feel like we have really been lacking with our emotional connection and part of me just really feels like my heart is not in it, and I wish it was at this point,” Katie told Derek during the finale. However, just as it looked like she was going to ask for a divorce, she added, “But I’m not ready to give up yet, so I would like to stay married.”

For those of you wondering why Mindy and Zach weren’t mentioned in this post, it’s because the two already ended their marriage several episodes ago after Mindy realized her husband was having an emotional affair with her friend Lindsay.

However, the reality stars did meet during the Season 10 finale, but mainly discussed their failed relationship. Mindy confronted Zach about the way he treated her during their short marriage, and he gave a bogus apology and said he wished he had done things differently.

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