Married at First Sight Season 10 Decision Day Spoilers & Predictions

Jessica and Austin, Married at First Sight, MAFS

Lifetime Will Jessica and Austin stay together or call it quits on Decision Day?

The Married at First Sight Season 10 finale airs Wednesday, April 15 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on Lifetime. Decision Day is finally here, so each of the remaining four couples will sit down with the experts during the finale and decide if they want to stay married to their spouses or file for divorce.

All five couples will meet with the experts tonight, including Mindy and Zach, even though the reality couple ended their marriage a few episodes ago.  Katie and DerekMeka and MichaelTaylor and Brandon and Jessica and Austin will also join the experts in discussing the ups and downs of their relationships while trying to figure out if they can see a future with their partners.

The official Lifetime synopsis for tonight’s episode, titled “Until Decision Day Do We Part,” reads, “The eight-week social experiment comes to an end and all five couples sit down with the experts to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. Some couples have their eyes on the future, while other couples are determined to get answers about the past.”

Warning: this article will explore some spoilers for tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight as we dissect the TLC promos, so turn back now if you aren’t caught up to Decision Day and don’t want anything ruined for you!

Mindy Confronts Zach About How He Treated Her During Their Relationship

Mindy and Zach show up during tonight’s finale, despite the fact that they split up several episodes ago. For those who need a recap, Mindy decided to divorce Zach following suspicions that her husband was having an emotional affair with her close friend Lindsay. The reality stars reunite on Decision Day to discuss their relationship with the experts, and to find some closure with one another.

In the clip above, Mindy confronts Zach on the way he behaved during their short-lived marriage. She tells him how hurt and disappointed she was with the experience, and that he needs to learn how to treat people better in the future.

“Zach this has been quite an experience, with a lot of disappointment,” she tells her ex-husband. “And I do think that that you have it in you to be a good husband, but you have not been a good husband to me.” He keeps a strange smile plastered on his face while she pours her heart out, before he finally gives her a long, runaround explanation as to why he behaved so poorly during their relationship.

“I’m sorry,” he tells Mindy in the clip. “I really do wish I would have taken even the slightest different approach. I feel like you came into my life for a reason and I didn’t handle that well. I wish I would have done things very differently ’cause I think they would have been different.” He then adds, “Knowing what I have to offer to women, to people in general and to you. I’m sorry that it came to this.” (What?)

The Other Four Couples Are Uncertain About Their Spouses

Meanwhile, the remaining four couples must decide whether or not they want to stay married to their spouses – Katie and DerekMeka and MichaelTaylor and Brandon and Jessica and Austin will all be discussing their relationships with the experts during the finale, and will finally decide if they want to remain married or go their separate ways.

Jessica and Austin got into a fight the night before Decision Day, so both reality stars are uncertain about what their future holds, while Katie is still questioning her own future with Derek. Meka and Michael had a really good conversation about their relationship several days before Decision Day, but the two have been struggling to get on the same page with one another all season, and Taylor isn’t even sure Brandon will show up to Decision Day, let alone decide to stay married.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime. You can find updates on the Season 10 castcouples predictions and more MAFS coverage here.

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