Marianne Gordon, Kenny Rogers’ Ex-Wife Talks Marriage on A&E Special

Kenny Rogers and Marianne Gordon

Getty Portrait of singer Kenny Rogers and Marianne Gordon in 1977

Tonight, A&E is airing a two-hour documentary about Kenny Rogers. In the documentary, Marianne Gordon will be speaking about their marriage. The two were married for nearly 17 years. Read on to learn more about Gordon and what she has said about Rogers since he died. Rogers died of natural causes on March 20.

Marianne Gordon Said Kenny Rogers Was an ‘Incredible Person’

In a recent interview with Closer Weekly after Rogers’ death, Gordon said that Rogers was an incredible person. The two were married in 1977 after meeting in 1974.

Gordon and Rogers met when he was a guest on Hee Haw, according to a 1978 article in People. After they met a second time at a party, they started dating while they both were going through divorces. They moved forward slowly and didn’t rush anything. Gordon went on tour with Kenny Rogers, and he often accompanied her for guest appearances on Hee Haw. They finally married in 1977.

They had their son, Christopher Cody Rogers, in 1981. Then they divorced in 1993.

Rogers and Gordon’s divorce settlement included $60 million, Independent reported. And Rogers wasn’t just fine with that, he thought Gordon deserved it. He said that while they were married, his band broke up and he ended up in a huge amount of debt, but she stood by him every step of the way.

He said: “But Marianne really did deserve the 60 million because she is a great girl and we had a perfect marriage for 15 years.”

He said that after their son was born, she couldn’t tour with him as much and she stayed home to take care of their child. That’s when they started growing apart.

Gordon told Closer Weekly that for the majority of the time they were together, she had his full focus. It wasn’t until he turned 50 that things changed. She said: “His life was such an open book and after two years he felt this craving, this longing. He said he felt he was having a mid-life crisis. He felt like his career was fading.”

Gordon also said that she never felt uncomfortable about Rogers’ friendship with Dolly Parton, Fox reported. He always believed that he and Parton had great chemistry for their work, but anything beyond friendship would ruin that.

“He sincerely felt they had a cute thing going, and if anything happened between them, they’d ruin that,” she said.

She said he was having nightmares that people stopped attending his performances, but his caring personality and temperament still didn’t change with his fame. He was always a good and kind person, she said.

She told Closer Weekly in a different interview that Rogers didn’t really like to exercise, even if doctors encouraged him to. His health was never quite the same after he had heart valve surgery. She said that before his death, his health had taken a downturn but his family had hoped he had a few weeks left.

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