Muvez on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Muvez Shark Tank

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Muvez was created by a group of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs Ryan Cruz, Eric Cruz and Kevin Zamora took their company to the Shark Tank to see if they could score a deal from one of the investors.

The indoor-outdoor sneakers were pitched to sharks Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban. The episode airs on Friday, April 3 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

The shoes were created after the friends decided they wanted something comfortable that they can wear to sporting events before they had to put on their cleats or other active footwear.

Here’s what you should know about Muvez:

1. Muvez is an Indoor Slipper, “Reimagined”

The sneakers are versatile in that they can be worn outside but then transitioned into indoor slippers.

The shoe consists of an upper, knit fabric and a lightweight rubber sole like a sturdy slipper. Then, there’s a durable, removable outer sole that snaps into place on the bottom to create a slip-on sneaker.

Both parts, when put together, can be worn outdoors. Then, the bottom sole can be unattached when you go inside in order to keep all the mud and dirt outside rather than inside while keeping your feet nice and warm.

2. The Shoes Have Appeared on the Runway at New York Fashion Week

The Muvez shoe was a feature of the Art Hearts Production during the 2020 New York Fashion Week.

The Muvez slippers, without the outer sole attached, were part of four different shows through the main weekend. Model Tommy Maksanty wore the shoes each time he walked the runway.

“Four different shows, multiple looks, and the MUVEZ just fit right in every time,” the Muvez blog reads. “Being part of this year’s productions was an amazing experience. It is a milestone and special moment for the brand and we look forward to many more Fashion Weeks.”

3. They are Available in Different Colors and Combinations

Since the outer sole is detachable, Muvez are able to be more customizable than some other sneakers would be. The upper, knit, slipper part of the shoe can be purchased in red, blue, black or grey while the lower, detachable outer sole can be purchased in black or white.

For one shoe, the price is $99.95. If someone were to buy a pack of the shoes, which includes two different shoes with one of each color sole, the price is $184.95.

At the time of writing, the packs available are black and grey, black and red or black and blue. They also sell tee shirts and gift cards online.

4. The Company Was Approached by ‘Shark Tank’ Producers

According to Tap Into, Shark Tank producers approached Muvez after seeing some ads on Facebook. Muvez agreed to be on the show, knowing what it could do for their business and marketing.

“To be on a show that generates millions of viewers on a nightly basis, was something we desired, something we could not turn down,” Eric Cruz said.

Cruz told Kean University that they thought it was a prank when they were emailed by the show originally, thinking that one of their friends had to be behind it because they’d only been in business for six months at the time.

“After that, there were auditions and challenges we overcame,” he said. “We had a less than one percent chance of making it.”

He also said the sharks were really great and the overall experience was something no one will ever be able to take away from them.

5. Muvez Have Been Reviewed by Celebrities

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Among other celebrities and personalities, Chris “Drama” Pfaff, Jessie “Filayyyy” Jones and Langston Galloway have all worn and reviewed Muvez. Galloway, who has his own footwear brand, did a video review, which was uploaded to Muvez Footwear YouTube channel.

Galloway said he was proud of Kevin for doing so much in the community and called the shoes “sleek and sturdy.” He showed the sole detaching from the shoe in order to be turned into slippers.

Tune in to Shark Tank on Friday, March 3 on ABC to see if Muvez is able to get a deal with one of the sharks.

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