Is ‘NCIS: LA’ On Tonight? When is the Next New Episode?

NCIS LA Not on Tonight


CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles is not airing a new episode tonight, April 5, 2020 because the Academy of Country Music is presenting “Our Country,” a show featuring intimate conversations and at-home acoustic performances from country music stars. The next new episode of NCIS: LA airs next week, Sunday, April 12.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, NCIS has had to stop production for the remainder of the season. In fact, all three of the shows in the NCIS family have been shut down. NCIS will pick back up next season, if it is renewed, with current storylines after airing episode 20 of the current season. NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles have both been shut down as well.

It’s unlikely NCIS: Los Angeles will return to production until next season, which will air in either the fall of 2020 or spring 2021 depending on when production will be able to pick back up.

Is Nell Leaving NCIS: Los Angeles? 

WARNING: Spoilers for recent episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles follow, so if you haven’t seen those, read at your own risk. 

It has been hinted at for some time that Nell Jones, who is portrayed by Renée Felice Smith, will be leaving the show. Nell has been on the show since season 2. Now, it seems that will be happening sooner rather than later, though.

During last week’s episode, which aired on Sunday, March 29, Nell contemplated whether or not she wanted to resign from the team, but she seems to be leaning toward resigning for good.

Because Smith has not been on every episode of the season, it’s possible the actress herself wants to leave the show and it’s not something that has been left up to the writers. To explain her absence on the show, Nell has been visiting her ailing mother in a separate city.

The real reason Nell’s character wants to leave the show, however, seems to just be the fact that she doesn’t want to be an agent anymore. She confessed during “Fortune Favors the Brave,” saying

“I feel like it’s not right for me anymore. I used to be fearless, you know? I wasn’t afraid of anything, except for maybe Hetty, but some days now, I just… I don’t even want to get out of bed.”

When is the ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season Finale?

The season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles will take place within the next two weeks; it’s likely, but it hasn’t been confirmed, that the season finale will be next week, April 12. The episode may not feel like the season finale, though, as it will only be episode 20 of what was supposed to be a 24-episode season.

While the show is in season 11 currently, it has not been yet been renewed for season 12. It’s likely the renewal will come sometime in the next month depending on the state of the entertainment industry in the coming weeks.

NCIS: Los Angeles returns next week on April 12 with season 11 episode 20.

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