‘Waitress’ Star Nick Cordero Needs Leg Amputated Due to COVID-19

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Getty Actor Nick Cordero attends the 68th Annual Tony Awards.

Nick Cordero, the Tony-Award winning actor who starred on Broadway’s Waitress and Rock of Ages, as well as the TV series Blue Bloods, has been in intensive care due to coronavirus complications for the past 18 days. Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, who’s a dancer and fitness trainer, and mother of their 10-month old son, Elvis Eduardo, has kept friends, family, and fans updated on his health throughout his extended battle with COVID-19.

Throughout this rollercoaster journey, Kloots has bravely shared the news on her husband’s health, whether it was good or bad, and on Saturday, Kloots had a tough update to share with everyone.

“We got some difficult news yesterday,” Kloots revealed, describing how doctors were treating Cordero with blood thinners to help ease the clotting in Cordero’s right leg, but that the blood thinners were now causing issues with his blood pressure, which could lead to internal bleeding in his intestines. Therefore, she continued, “We took him off the blood thinners, but that again was going to cause the clotting in the right leg. So the right leg will be amputated today.”

Cordero has been suffering from blood flow issues to his right leg for the past few weeks. Kloots previously described the issue earlier this month. “We got a phone call saying one of the cannulas for the ECMO was stopping blood flow to his right leg and they had to go into immediate surgery to save the blood flow to his leg.”

On April 11, Kloots said via Instagram that his situation went from stable to worse after Cordero needed to be resuscitated in the middle of the night. Doctors then put Cordero on an ECMO machine, which helps “support his heart and his lungs.”

After it seemed like Cordero was making progress Kloots received another grim update from doctors. “I got a phone call saying he had an infection in his lung, a new infection, that caused his fever to spike way above normal, which caused his blood pressure to drop, which caused his heart to go into [an] irregular pattern. He lost consciousness, he lost his pulse and they had to resuscitate him. It was very scary. They had a very hard time getting him back.”

On Thursday, Kloots mentioned that the complications in his leg continued while Cordero remained in intensive care. She said there was a chance that “he’ll never be able to walk again,” due to the “blood flow issues” in his leg.

Cordero Has Been Fighting for His Life in Intensive Care Since March 31

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At first, doctors believed Cordero had pneumonia after he tested negative for COVID-19 twice. However, on April 6, a third test confirmed that his symptoms were from the novel coronavirus, after which his health became quickly declined. Cordero, who had moved his family to Los Angeles in order to perform in the show musical Rock of Ages, remains in intensive care at Cedars Sinai.

On April 12, Kloots said, “I got a phone call at 2:30 in the morning, they needed my consent to put him on dialysis to assist with his kidneys. Now he’s on a ventilator, dialysis and this ECMO machine. We were waiting again and this afternoon we got a phone call that things were really moving in the right direction and that his life was being saved, which was huge.”

Every day, Kloots starts an online dance party at 3 p.m. PT to Cordero’s music in order to “Wake Up, Nick!” Kloots’ positive spirit and unceasing cheer for her husband’s health has since grown into a worldwide event. Users online from LA to New York to Korea shared videos on Instagram with the hashtag “Wake up, Nick!” which she then posts to her own story each day.

On Saturday, Kloots kept her spirits up, hoping that Cordero losing his leg would be their worst loss. Due to coronavirus, she’s unable to sit beside her husband at the hospital, which has been understandably devastating. She wrote on Instagram, “I just wish I could see him. Hold his hand. Touch his face I do believe that this would help wake him up!”

Just before 4 p.m. PT, Kloots announced that Cordero made it out of surgery alive and was headed back to his hospital room to recover.

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