Is Ramona Singer Back Together with Ex-Husband Mario?

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Instagram/@averysinger Ramona Singer, daughter Avery and ex-husband Mario

Ramona Singer, the only Real Housewives of New York City star featured as a main castmember for all 12 seasons, is riding out the coronavirus pandemic in Boca Raton, Florida, with her ex-husband, Mario Singer, and their adult daughter, Avery. But the former couple has not gotten back together.

The arrangement had RHONY fans wondering whether Ramona and Mario, who separated in 2014 after his affair came to light, would get back together. Those rumors first surfaced after Mario Singer made appearances on season 11 of RHONY. But Ramona Singer says a romantic reconciliation is not in the cards. She has insisted in interviews with Bravo that she and Mario are in a “good place” but that they had both moved on with their lives.

Here’s what you need to know.

Ramona Singer Said Her Ex-Husband Invited Her to His Florida House After She Was Diagnosed With Lyme Disease

Ramona Singer has been camped out in Boca Raton, Florida, since mid-March, according to her Instagram page. She says ex-husband Mario Singer invited her to stay at his Florida home, along with their daughter Avery, as the coronavirus outbreak hit New York City.

The decision was made in part due to Ramona Singer’s Lyme disease diagnosis, which she revealed in early March. Singer told Bravo she thinks she contracted the disease while staying at her home in the Hamptons but that luckily, doctors caught it early. Lyme disease can damage or weaken the immune system. Singer told Hollywood Life:

[Mario] knew I had Lyme disease. He knew I couldn’t go back to New York City and he said, “Come to Florida, stay with me,” which was very generous and he’s been very welcoming… We have a rhythm with each other that really works.

Singer also explained to US Weekly that Mario had been very cooperative in light of her Lyme disease diagnosis. She explained that Mario and Avery avoided going into stores and instead had items delivered in order to prevent Ramona from potentially being exposed to any dangerous germs.

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Meanwhile, Ramona Singer has also been doing her part to keep the house clean while the trio is holed up inside. In a video posted on March 20, Ramona was sweeping the floor while Avery tended to the dishes. Mario can be heard off-camera joking that he was making everyone work and encouraging Ramona to “keep at it.”

A few days later, Singer kicked the cleaning up a notch. She explained in another video that she was mopping with Clorox in order to get rid of germs. She did so while wearing a negligee dress. Singer wrote in the caption, “Whelp what can I say… not taking any chances over here so had to do away with the housecleaning service. I think I am managing quite well don’t you think!?”

Mario Singer Purchased the Beachfront Property In 2016 For Nearly $1 Million

Mario Singer bought his Boca Raton condo in July 2016, according to public records available on the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser website. The purchase price was $975,000. The home has 1,782 square feet of living space, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The condo is located directly along the Atlantic Ocean.

Ramona Singer has been taking advantage of the superb location. She told Glamour her days typically include a walk on the beach during the afternoon and weight-lifting at the condo during the morning. Singer added that Mario likes to make protein shakes for all three of them in the morning as well and that the family has been watching Game of Thrones in the evening.

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Instagram/@averysinger Ramona Singer is with ex-husband Mario and daughter Avery in Florida during coronavirus outbreak

Avery Singer has been documenting the family’s days through her Instagram Stories. For example, she has shared videos of her mother working out in the living room and her father putting the smoothies together. Avery has also posted about the dinners the three of them share. In one video, Avery teased, “Another day, another family meal, and you’re not gonna believe who I’m with.” She then turned the camera on Ramona who said, “I’m self-isolating with Avery’s dad.”

Ramona Singer Says She & Mario Have Different Visions For How They Want to Live Their Lives

Ramona and Mario Singer were married for more than 20 years. They tied the knot in 1992 and had Avery in 1995. But they split in 2014 after Mario confessed he had been having an affair with a younger woman. In her memoir, “Life on the Ramona Coaster,” Ramona detailed the moment she confronted Mario about it:

“Mario, that wasn’t a different Alan on the phone, was it? You were talking to a girl just now, weren’t you?” I remember his face looked like he had seen a ghost. His eyes went wide. His mouth fell open. He had that same expression on his face when I was pregnant with Avery and I told him that my water broke and we had to go the hospital. He looked like a deer in headlights.“Just admit you were talking to a girl. Just admit it,” I shouted. He snapped out of it and got defensive, “Yes, I was. Do you want to know what else I do with her besides talk?”

Ramona Singer also wrote in the memoir that her financial success from RHONY also put a strain on the marriage because Mario’s business was not performing as well at the time. Their divorce was finalized in 2016.

But Singer says she and her ex-husband have moved from those darker days. She told Bravo’s Daily Dish podcast in 2019 that she had decided it was much healthier for her to forgive Mario and focus on establishing a positive friendship. “I think it’s really important for women not to harbor ill will towards their exes. I don’t care what they do to you, especially if you share a child. And negative energy creates negative things and I got rid of all that negative energy and I forgave him.”

As they quarantine together in Boca Raton, Singer has also insisted, once again, that she and Mario would not reconcile on a romantic level because they wanted different things out of life. She told Glamour in early April:

Mario and I became friends before this situation, obviously, otherwise I couldn’t be here. Our relationship has evolved… Now when he comes to the city, we have dinner as a family. You can see him filming on the show with me and Avery this season as a family. It’s important. People are like, “Maybe you two will get back together again.” No, he has his life. I have my life. He doesn’t really want to live my life. I don’t really want to live his life. But we come together. The fact that we can come together in a crisis and he’s still there for me and my daughter is a big thing. He gets a gold medal.

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