Is ‘Shark Tank’ On Tonight? When is the Next New Episode?

Shark Tank

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ABC’s Shark Tank is not on TV tonight due to round 2 of the NFL draft airing on ABC. The next new episode of the entrepreneurial show airs on Friday, May 1, and another new episode will air the following week.

Each week, a group of entrepreneurs enter the Shark Tank to see if they can score a deal from one of the five Sharks. Sharks Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec spend their own money to invest in companies they believe in, and they are sometimes joined by guest sharks.

Season 11 of the show was filmed in 2019, so there are still new episodes to be aired and they have not yet been affected by the global coronavirus pandemic when it comes to filming new episodes. Most episodes of the show are filmed at least a few months in advance.

The Next New Episode of ‘Shark Tank’ Airs on May 1

Mural Painter Inc Shark Tank


The next new episode of Shark Tank airs on Friday, May 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The episode will feature four companies trying to get a deal from the investors.

The companies involved in that episode include Little Burros, Fried Green Tomatoes, Mural Painter Inc, and Jiggaerobics. According to the episode synopsis, the Fried Green Tomatoes entrepreneur will use her Southern charm and cooking skills to pitch to the Sharks and the founder of Mural Painter Inc will paint the Sharks a picture of how to grow her service connecting customers with local artists.

Little Burros’ founders, a father and daughter duo from Virginia, wheel in their gardening product and ask the sharks to help them out, and the Jiggaerobics’ founder, an entertainer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will get the Sharks moving as he showcases his “unique approach to exercise classes.”

The Sharks Have Encouraging Thoughts About the Economy Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

ABC Shark Robert Herjavec recently said that being an investor on Shark Tank makes him optimistic about the U.S. economy when the coronavirus pandemic passes.

“The human condition is about hope,” he said on CNBC’s Squawk Alley. “Every time someone comes on Shark Tank, they’re full of hope and they’re full of optimism. This is a challenging time, but entrepreneurs will figure it out.”

Herjavec said that when the show debuted in 2009, the U.S. economy was trying to bounce back from the tumult of the 2008 financial crisis.

“Nobody could get a loan and so people started a lot of businesses that you didn’t need capital for and then we moved to online selling,” he said. “This will be the same thing.”

He added that the stimulus plan and other relief funds are simply survival funds and not growth fund and advised small businesses to move online and build their presence there as much as possible. The shark also said his plans for investment in the near future have changed.

“It makes me want to invest in two types of companies: either companies with very strong balance sheets or companies like an Uber or a small business that can scale back its cost,” he said. “Fluidity and the ability to adapt in a small business is really going to be key. I don’t want to invest in a business with a large infrastructure-buildings, equipment, all that kind of stuff. That stuff is very difficult to scale down.”

Barbara Corcoran has also spoken out with words of encouragement for entrepreneurs amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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