Why Fans Are Obsessed with Snowbird Brown’s Teeth on ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Snowbird on 'Alaskan Bush People'

Youtube Snowbird on 'Alaskan Bush People'

If you’re perusing social media while Alaskan Bush People is on, you may notice a lot of comments about Snowbird Brown’s teeth.

Viewers have made many remarks about the 24-year-old’s teeth — while some are fans of her natural look, others are curious why she hasn’t had them fixed yet.

A September 2019 Discovery UK video shows Snowbird talking to her brother about refusing to kill some of the animals on North Star Ranch. While you’d expect the YouTube comments to reflect the content of the video, one of the most recent comments reads, “When is she going to do something with her teeth with all the money she makes and new tech. All Her siblings have nice teeth Gabe is fixing His.”

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Poor Girl Shouldn’t Have to Live With That Snaggle Tooth’

In addition to Youtube, people have flocked to Twitter to comment on the state of Snowbird’s teeth. One user recently wrote, “I know the Alaskan Bush People is making MONEY. With that being said… why is Bird’s teeth dancin’ in her mouth.”

Another wrote, “I love Alaskan Bush People, but can’t they get Bird’s teeth fixed? Poor girl shouldn’t have to live with that snaggle tooth.”

But while fans are clearly curious about Snowbird’s teeth, she has yet to mention them on the show.

She Does Her Best to Stay Out of the Spotlight

Despite the fact that Snowbird is a reality TV celebrity, she does her best to remain out of the spotlight. Unlike her brothers and sister, she does not have an Instagram, and the last time she posted on her public Facebook page was 2015.

Snowbird has mentioned on more than one occasion that she is an animal lover; she has even said she likes animals more than people.

And while Snowbird is aware that some animals on the family’s farm are intended to be eaten, she is extremely attached to others. In a video from September 2019, Gabe asks Snowbird, “Are you ready for what’s about to happen with the animals?”

Snowbird responds, “I really don’t think we have to. Like, we can just have fifty roosters.”

Gabe responds, “We don’t really have a purpose for them. We don’t need that many roosters to have a lot of eggs.”

Snowbird replies that she’s the one who raised them, and that attachment isn’t something she can just let go of. “They come to me for food. And I can’t kill something that I raised and that loves me.”

Snowbird explains its hard for her to kill something she has named and has a relationship with — something that many fans have said they sympathize with.

These days, the Browns are living on North Star Ranch in Washington State. They relocated there from the Alaskan wilderness in 2019 because of Ami, their mother’s, cancer battle.

Unfortunately, in August 2020, the Brown family’s Washington compound was ravaged by a wildfire, according to Distractify. Bear Brown confirmed the news in an Instagram post that the family had lost their home due to the relentless wildfires.

According to The Sun, Brown wrote, “We suffered a devastating lost [sic] yesterday, a fire swept through our mountain, our home! The lost [sic] seems to be great! It’s still burning. I’ll keep everyone posted. God bless!”

Brown’s rep later confirmed that “much was lost” from the fire. The rep added, “We are very grateful that the family are all safe and have enormous gratitude for the firefighters who made sure of that.”

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