Sutton Stracke Bought Her Store After Her Divorce From Her Ex-Husband

Sutton Stracke

Getty "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Sutton Stracke started a new chapter in her life after her split from ex-husband Christian Stracke.

Sutton Stracke, the new “friend of” Housewife on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was able to start her store after her divorce from husband Christian Stracke in 2016. Friend Lisa Rinna and Real Housewives co-star gushed about Stracke’s wealth on the Season 10 premiere, saying she didn’t know how much her friend had but gloated that it was a lot.

“She married childhood friend, Christian, in 2000 and they have three children – their daughter, Porter (17), and sons Philip (15) and James (12),” her bio on the Bravo website says. “Sutton and Christian divorced three years ago, and she is making the most of her newfound freedom. Once again pursuing her passion for creativity, Sutton is launching a concept store in West Hollywood, called SUTTON, that offers clothing, furniture, art, and decorative furnishings.”

“She sees this as the perfect outlet to focus on once her children leave the nest,” the bio adds. “Sutton has recently begun dating again and met boyfriend, Michael, online. In addition to her Beverly Hills mansion, she owns an estate in Augusta and a three-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.”

The philanthropist and socialite told Entertainment Tonight she might not fit in with the other women because she doesn’t get Botox, but joked she might want to see a plastic surgeon after the premiere of the show.

Stracke Runs The Sutton Concept

Stracke aptly named her store after herself. “I have been a stay-at-home mom for a long time, and my daughter’s a senior in high school and I have two other boys, and watching other mothers that stay at home and their children leave, I was feeling their stress and what do you do next?” Stracke told Entertainment Tonight.

Stracke wanted her store to stand out. “I’ve kind of gotten a bit complacent going into normal boutiques, where you see the same thing over and over, and then they go on the sale rack and then you see the next thing over and over and over,” she told the outlet. “So, I wanted to come up with something that is constantly moving. I wanted to combine all the things that I love, which is fashion, art, decor, all in one place.”

Stracke Was Demoted on ‘Real Housewives’

Originally Stracke was cast full-time on the series, but she was later demoted. Stracke didn’t find out until the trailer for the new season dropped.

Both Rinna and Stracke expressed their confusion over the demotion on social media. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Stracke confessed Bravo was pushing her to do the show.

“They have been harassing me for years to do this,” she said. “My really good friend Lisa Rinna was urging me, kind of pushing me, telling me, ‘It’s going to be fun, it’s a great group of girls, you’re going to love it and get along with everyone, so just do it.’ So, I did!”

Don’t miss Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Season 10 airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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