Taylor & Brandon Arrest Spoilers & Restraining Order Details on MAFS

Taylor and Brandon, Married at First Sight, MAFS

Lifetime Taylor and Brandon were both arrested after an altercation at a Washington D.C. bar shortly before the reunion.

Taylor and Brandon, stars of the hit reality series Married at First Sightwere both arrested shortly before the Season 10 reunion was filmed, according to a promo for tonight’s episode. In the clip, which aired following last week’s finale, Taylor reveals that she and Brandon each spent a day in jail two months after they split on Decision Day.

We’ve got all the details on their arrest below, but be warned: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you ahead of the tonight’s episode!

Taylor explains during the Season 10 reunion that both she and Brandon were arrested at a bar in Washington D.C. shortly before the reunion was filmed. According to Taylor, Brandon allegedly confronted the reality star and her male friend while the two were out having drinks, which resulted in an aggressive altercation. Following their arrests, both reality stars took out restraining orders against the other, which might account for why Brandon was uninvited to the reunion. Keep reading for details.

Brandon & Taylor Got Into a Heated Confrontation at a Bar in Washington D.C.

Married at First Sight, MAFS

LifetimeBrandon and Taylor star in Season 10 of Married at First Sight, premiering January 1st at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

During tonight’s episode, reunion host Kevin Frazier reads Brandon’s court file and asks Taylor to explain her side of the story. Brandon’s statement reads, “She showed up to my local restaurant with another man, pushed me, and then called the cops to state that I had assaulted her. We both ended up going to jail since there was no evidence to support either of our claims that the other person was the aggressor. I have photos to support her aggressive behavior that night.”

Taylor’s explanation of the events is a little bit different; she tells Frazier that Brandon pursued Taylor and her friend as they were leaving the bar and was being confrontational and trying to snap photos of the pair, which led to the police being called and two restraining orders being filed.

She explains that she only took her friend to said bar because Brandon had told her in the past that he never wanted to go there again, so she didn’t expect to run into him. After she and her friend entered the bar, Taylor went to grab a drink of water and noticed Brandon was confronting her male friend. She tells Frazier that she and her friend decided to leave, but Brandon followed them down the stairs and started taunting the two and snapping pictures.

“So, Brandon follows us from the bar, to the stairs, he’s pulling out his camera and he’s trying to take pictures of us. I turned on the stairs and I look up and Brandon and he’s like ‘ha ha, got you b,’” she tells Frazier. She then tried to talk to Brandon to “stop him from being so crazy,” which is when the police were called. Heavy will add a clip of Taylor’s conversation with Frazier as soon as one becomes available.

They Both Filed Protective Orders Against Each Other

Brandon and Taylor, MAFS

Taylor and Brandon filed for divorce on January 2, 2020, according to Maryland court records.

After the police were called, Taylor explained that they were both arrested since there was no evidence to support who started the fight. She also tells Frazier that she wanted to talk to the police about filing a restraining order against Brandon.

“Honestly, I wanted to talk to the police, but I wanted to talk about getting a protective order,” Taylor continues, adding that they both spent the day in a holding cell. She also says that they both took out a restraining order against one another and that neither of them can be within a certain distance of the other.

Frazier then asks about Brandon’s police report, which claimed Taylor was “making out” with her friend at the bar. Taylor rejects the claim and says they weren’t doing anything that Brandon accused them of doing. “We definitely weren’t kissing, we definitely weren’t holding hands, we definitely weren’t doing any of that.” However, she does admit that the man in question is now “more than a friend,” so it looks like they were at least exploring a relationship together at the time of Taylor’s arrest.

Heavy was unable to obtain the court records from Taylor and Brandon’s altercation (although we are still looking), but we did find their divorce proceedings. The reality stars filed for divorce on January 2, 2020 – one day after the Season 10 premiere of Married at First Sight. The record states that they filed a “Complaint for Annulment or in the Alternative, Absolute Divorce.” They have a Merits Hearing scheduled for June 12, so it looks like they are still in the process of finalizing their divorce.

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