‘The Challenge’: Are Stephen Bear & Kailah Casillas Still Together?


On the previews for this week’s episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, Stephen Bear and Kailah Casillas were seen making out in the bunker bathroom despite the fact that she had a boyfriend at home at the time of filming.

So, are they still together? Unfortunately for “Kear” shippers — Bailah? — the answer is no. Here’s what we know about Bear and Kailah’s relationship.

Bear Wore Kailah Down

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Bear has made no secret of his feelings for Kailah so far on The Challenge. He constantly flirts with her and even sprayed a fire extinguisher into a room where the women were hanging out in an effort to get Kailah’s attention.

When Kailah’s friend Jenna Compono asks her about what’s going on with them, Kailah says that it’s “obnoxious” that Bear follows her around, but then she says that he’s funny and entertaining and there’s nothing to do there.

“I enjoy his company but that’s the f*cking extent of it. I’ve literally been so clear with him about the fact that I have a boyfriend,” says Kailah.

But her having a boyfriend doesn’t seem to matter to Bear, who also has a girlfriend back home. When Kailah asks him about his girlfriend, he says he hasn’t called her yet “because [he] likes someone in here more than [his] girlfriend, so [he’d] rather not.”

“She has fallen for the Bear’s charm. She is in stage five of the Bear Trap,” he says in a private interview. And Kailah admits, “He’s wearing me down and here I am falling for it.”

After they make out in the bathroom, Kailah is dismayed to find out the cameras caught the whole thing.

What will happen as the season moves forward? Well, we’ll have to tune in to find out, but we do know that…

Kailah And Bear Hung Out After Filming Wrapped

After the show wrapped (or maybe while the show was still filming), apparently Kailah and her boyfriend Michael “Mikey P” Pericoloso broke up.

Then when a fan called Kailah a “mean girl,” she claimed that Mikey P “cheated on [her] the whole relationship.”

Meanwhile, after filming wrapped, fans were quick to spot what looks like the ring Bear always wears on Kailah’s hand in an Instagram photo she posted of herself captioned, “Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble.”

Bear commented on that Instagram with a heart-eyes emoji. He then also posted several Instagram stories where Kailah was seen, which means she went to London with him after The Challenge wrapped (via US Weekly).


They’ve Both Been Posting Photos With Someone Else

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can’t wait to do more adventures with you @samrobertbird

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But whatever was going on between Kailah and Bear didn’t last long because they have both moved on to someone new.

Kailah is dating Sam Bird, alum of Ex on the Beach and Love Island. They’ve been holed up in Florida together since at least mid-January, which is when he first appeared on her Instagram. Maybe he could appear on a Challenge with Bear and Kailah! That would be a lot of fun.

Bear, meanwhile, posted an Instagram photo on March 14 of him hugging on a woman and captioned it, “Brand new, brand new.” He does not reveal the identity of this mystery woman, but The Sun figured out it is Yazmin Oukhellou, star of British reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex. Hey, maybe all four of them could be on The Challenge together!

But Oukhellou denied that she and Bear are romantically involved, saying in an Instagram story, ““We’re just friends. That’s all. So sad a male and female can’t be friends these days?”

And a source told The Sun, “Yazmin has been so focused on her businesses she just doesn’t have time for a boyfriend right now. They’re just very good friends, but are not dating.”

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brand new brand new ?

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The Challenge: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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