Tiger King Movie Cast Meme: Here Are the Top Dream Picks


In the new episode of Tiger King on Netflix, called The Tiger King and I, Joel McHale spent a lot of time talking about a Tiger King movie cast meme that’s been circulating. The Internet has been casting the perfect actors for some of the people who starred on The Tiger King, imagining who would be best to portray them. Here’s a look at who some of the suggested actors, along with who some of the people interviewed in Episode 8 thought would be the best choices.

In Episode 8, Saff said that the best person to portray him would be “the kid who played Johnny Tsunami.”The photo they showed during the interview was of Brandon Baker, and they really do look just alike.


Joel McHale also suggested Ken Jeong, but said Jeong would probably be a little too old to play Saff.

When McHale was interviewing Rick Kirkham, Kirkham suggested Billy Bob Thornton. And he really does seem like the perfect match.


But what about Steve Buscemi? He’s been brought up online and could be a good choice, too. Here’s a tweet about it.


For John Reinke, Matthew McConaughy was suggested. And I can definitely picture that.


Others suggested Norman Reedus or Woody Harrelson. 

For Erik Cowie, Joel McHale said that Vince Neil is a top suggestion. I can definitely picture that.

Others have said maybe Owen Wilson


For John Finlay, Joe Exotic’s ex-husband, some have suggested Tom Hardy.

But what about Daniel Radcliffe instead?

Will Ferrell has been suggested for Doc Antle, and that might be perfect. Others have suggested John Travolta, but I’m leaning more toward Will Ferrell.

But what about Joe Exotic himself? David Spade might be perfect. Others have suggested Ben Stiller.

But there are a lot of intriguing options for Joe Exotic. Some also suggest Macaulay Culkin or Sam Rockwell.

Pete Davidson has been suggested for Travis Maldonado. Others said maybe Ashton Kutcher.

Who would play Carole Baskin? Amy Poehler is a popular suggestion and I can really picture it. A darker Leslie Knope of sorts…


Other suggestions include Lisa Kudrow, Toni Collette, Courtney Love, or Patricia Arquette.

But I’m really picturing Amy Poehler.

Here is a collection of suggestions:

And here’s another set of suggestions, including Ben Stein as Howard Baskin:

In case you still don’t have enough suggestions, here’s another inspired set.

And of course, Jack Black could only play one person from the documentary…

Who do you think would be perfect to play the people from Tiger King? It seems that viewers have a lot of differing opinions, but almost everyone agrees that David Spade would be perfect as Joe Exotic.

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