Todd Spiewak, Jim Parsons’ Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Todd Spiewak Jim Parsons husband

Getty Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons attend the 73rd Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 09, 2019 in New York City.

Todd Spiewak is a producer who leads a private life, despite his marriage to actor Jim Parsons. Parsons is starring on Netflix’s Hollywood, a drama series which airs Friday, May 1, 2020.

Unlike his husband, who spends much of his time on the screen, Spiewak’s work keeps him behind the scenes. He seems to enjoy being behind the camera, and leads a private life. He does not have social media accounts, and Parsons rarely posts photos of them online.

However, Spiewak has led an impressive career as a producer. He is best known for his work on Young Sheldon, and he was nominated for an Emmy.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Todd Spiewak Is a Producer With Upcoming Projects on HBO & Fox

Todd Spiewak is an active producer with several upcoming projects. Equal was picked up by HBO Max in October, 2019. The four-part documentary series chronicles landmark events and forgotten heroes in the LGBTQ movement, according to Warner Brothers.

Warner Brothers writes:

HBO Max pays tribute to the epic origin stories of the LGBTQ+ movement with “Equal,” a masterful four-part docu-series that captures the gripping and true backstories of the leaders and unsung heroes, pre-Stonewall, who changed the course of American history through their tireless activism. These warriors gave voice, often in a life or death battle, to millions of people yearning for equality and the desire to be themselves.

Each hour-long episode in the series plays like a thriller, bringing to life the high stakes and hard deadlines of historical events that have not yet been given their due. “Equal” honors the rebels of yesteryear through high-end re-enactments, never-before-seen footage, and captures the emotions of the times with messages just as relevant today.

Over the course of the series, viewers will meet a wide range of LGBTQ+ pioneers, including: Harry Hay, a gay rights activist and the founder of the modern gay movement; The Daughters of Bilitis, a lesbian civil and political rights organization; Christine Jorgensen, transgender woman who flew to Europe in 1951 to undergo sex reassignment surgery and publicly transitioned; and gay rights and African American rights leader Bayard Rustin. Part four chronicles The Stonewall Riots from start to finish as well as the first Pride, the year after Stonewall.

His TV series, Call Me Kat, was picked up by Fox, and includes actors Mayim Bialik and Leslie Jordan.

“The comedy series centers around Kat (Bialik), a 39-year-old woman who struggles every day against society and her mother Sheila (Kurtz) to prove that you CANNOT have everything you want — and still be happy. Which is why she spent the money her parents set aside for her wedding to open a Cat Café in Louisville, KY,” Deadline writes.

Also upcoming is a made-for-TV movie, The Monarchy Is Going to S***, about two irreverent princesses.

2. Todd Spiewak Inspired Jim Parsons to Come Out to His Family After They Started Dating

Jim Parsons was hesitant to open up about his sexuality until he met Todd Spiewak. Although he had several relationships with men before Spiewak, none of those relationships were strong enough to encourage him to come out, he said in an interview with Variety in 2019.

“No offense to the lovely men I dated before Todd, but somewhere deep inside, I immediately knew that there was no choice left but to deal with this, because to not let them in on this person I had met was to officially start putting up these lifelong barriers,” he said.

He came out during a 2012 interview with The New York Times, shortly before his role starring as Elwood P. Dowd in Broadway’s “Harvey.”

The article said, “Mr. Parsons is gay and in a 10-year relationship, and working with an ensemble again onstage was like nourishment, he said.

Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons were in a relationship for 14 years before they tied the knot, according to IMDB.

3. Todd Spiewak & Jim Parsons Were Married in an Intimate, Cell-Phone Free Ceremony

Todd Spiewak leads a private life, and his marriage to Jim Parsons was a step outside of the typical Hollywood glitz and glam. They had an intimate ceremony, and no cellphones were allowed during their nuptials. They were married May 13, 2017.

Mayim Bialik, who starred with Parsons on The Big Bang Theory, became emotional talking about their wedding on KTLA 5 News.

“It was beautiful,” she said. “We were all very emotional.”

She continued, “There were so many flowers. It was beautiful. It was gorgeous. It was a very intimate, beautiful event, and so unusual for any event, but especially a Hollywood event. There were no cellphones. Everyone kept their cellphones down. We were just watching. It was great.”

They tied the knot at The Rainbow Room in New York City.

Parsons shared a photo of the wedding on Instagram, writing, “She’s our best friend, she was our wedding planner, she was our officiant and she played all three parts brilliantly this past Saturday: thank you and love you, @melissamcneeley (that Chuppah ain’t bad, either, @doan_ly!).”

4. Todd Spiewak & Jim Parsons Own a Production Company Together

Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons founded a productions company together in 2015. It is called That’s Wonderful Productions, and falls under Warner Brothers. The couple founded the production company to focus on character-driven storytelling and to feature distinct voices, according to Warner Brothers.

“That’s Wonderful Productions (TWP) was founded in 2015 by Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak with an eye towards distinct voices and character-driven storytelling,” Warner Brothers writes. “The company’s focus is to produce elevated and timely content with an underlying sense of purpose and social consciousness. TWP produces the Netflix series “Special,” written by and starring Ryan O’Connell, which received four EMMY nominations this year and recently set up ‘Carla,’ a multi-camera comedy with a series commitment at FOX. TWP has sold and developed a number of series to Broadcast and Cable, including Netflix, Apple, NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, TBS, Freeform, The CW, and QuiBi. Additionally, Parsons and Spiewak serve as executive producers, and Norsoph a co-producer on the hit CBS sitcom ‘Young Sheldon.’ TWP’s first feature film, ‘A Kid Like Jake,’ starring Parsons and Claire Danes, premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and IFC released it later that year.”

In 2015, Parsons and Spiewak named Paramount Insurge development and production executive Eric Norsoph as head of development and production.

“Todd and I feel very fortunate to get the chance to work with Eric. His understanding of the producing process is invaluable to us, and his desire to see new and unique voices reach a wider audience mirrors our own wishes,” Parsons said in a statement issued to Variety.

5. Todd Spiewak Was Nominated for an Emmy & Has Produced TV Series & Documentaries

Todd Spiewak is a producer who was nominated for several Emmys. He is best known for his work on Young Sheldon. He has eight producer credits on his IMDB profile. The most recent listed project is Equal, which was picked up by HBO Max in October, 2019. He also has a forthcoming TV series, Call Me Kat, and a made-for-TV movie, The Monarchy Is Going to S***.

Spiewak also produced Young Sheldon, which aired from 2017 to 2020. His TV series, Special, aired for eight episodes. He also produced A Kid Like Jake, The Family Gene and First in Human.

Spiewak was nominated for an Emmy in 2019 for Special, for which he was the executive producer. He was nominated for the award, Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series, according to

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