Did Tommy Lee Write the ‘Dear F***ing Lunatic’ Letter to Trump? No

Tommy Lee letter to Trump

Getty Tommy Lee did not write the 'Dear F***ing Lunatic' letter to President Trump

Tommy Lee, a founding member of the band Motley Crue, was being applauded on Twitter Sunday night for what appeared to be an open letter that he wrote to President Trump. The letter, which quickly went viral, opened by saying, “Dear F***ing Lunatic, at your recent press conference – more a word salad that had a stroke and fell down the stairs, you were CLEARLY so out of your depth you needed scuba gear.”

The expletive-filled letter was attributed to the 57-year-old rocker, and readers online like actor Bradley Whitford tweeted, “We are all Tommy Lee today,” while another person tweeted, “It’s the best thing I’ve read all week!”

Actor Devon Sawa tweeted, “When Tommy Lee thinks you’re crazy you’re f***ng crazy,” while Rosie O’Donnell simply tweeted, “thank u tommy lee #TrumpVirus.”

While the accolades and jokes kept pouring in, comedian Sarah Silverman was quick to point out that yes, the open letter was hilarious, but no, Tommy Lee was not its author. The musician originally posted the letter to Trump on his Facebook page on March 20, crediting the note to a Craig Alan Wilkins.

However, the letter was originally published back in December 2017 on the Daily Kos by an author namee Aldous J. Pennyfarthing. The inspiration for the lengthy tirade was an interview with The New York Times in which Trump said, “Yeah, China … China’s been … I like very much President Xi. He treated me better than anybody’s ever been treated in the history of China. You know that.”

The original “Dear F***ing Lunatic Letter” opened: “I read with interest your recent interview with The New York Times. I couldn’t get past the bit about your being the most popular visitor in the history of f***ing China — a country that’s only 2,238 years old, give or take.” The rest of letter that went viral Sunday is taken verbatim from the original: “Do you know how f***ing insane you sound, you off-brand butt plug? That’s like the geopolitical equivalent of ‘that stripper really likes me’ — only 10,000 times crazier and less self aware.”

Sure, it sounds like something Tommy Lee would say, which is probably why he liked it so much and shared it on his own Facbeook page.

A Very Similar Misattributed Quote Situation Happened With Tommy Lee & Trump Back In August

Tommy Lee has made it very clear that he’s not a fan of Donald Trump, and last summer, when the musician shared a ranting message that attacked him and Chik-fil-A, he was also mistakenly given credit. But that tirade was a direct quote from Reddit user Tetranomic, who posted this curse-filled speech the previous year.

The message talks about turning Fox News offices into a “refugee family center,” renaming all public parks “Rosa Parks” and painting the White House “rainbow.” It begins, “You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the [White House] again because we are going to pay you back so f***king hard for all this sh**.”

“Speaking of Chik Fil A,” the message continues, “we’re buying all those and giving them to any LGBTQ person your sick cult leaders tortured with conversion therapy. Have fun with the new menu you bigoted f***s. Try the McPence. It’s a boiled unseasoned chicken breast that you have to eat in the closet with your mother.”

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