Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks & CBS Donate $1 Million to Coronavirus Relief


After crashing Facebook Live with their live “From Studio G” concert, Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks partnered with CBS to air a live concert on the network. Together, the couple and CBS also donated $1 million to coronavirus relief.

The one-hour special airs on CBS stations at 9/8 central. It will be filmed without a live audience and with minimal crew, who are all practicing social distancing and keeping the “extensive” safety measures in mind.

The concert will be broadcast in a delayed-live format. Brooks and Yearwood took song requests earlier in the week before deciding what to perform for the concert.

The Couple Donated to Coronavirus-Related Charities and Relief Efforts

In order to help in any way they could, Yearwood and Brooks donated $1 million to coronavirus-related charities and relief efforts. Brooks has also pushed back some of his Stadium Tour dates until later in the year with hopes that the pandemic will be stopped by those June dates.

The concert will consist of songs requested by members of the Facebook Live audience from Monday, March 30. Brooks also posted on Instagram asking for song requests from his followers, writing “Join us for #GarthAndTrishaLIVE on @cbstv this Wednesday at 9 pm ET! love, g.”

In an announcement, CBS said the idea for the special came after they heard there were 5.2 million viewers during Brooks and Yearwood’s performing from their homes.

“After we saw Garth and Trisha crash Facebook, we reached out to them about bringing this Studio G to a larger audience in a safe and exciting way,” said CBS’ executive VP for specials, music and live events in a statement. “With Garth and Trisha coupled with the power of broadcast television, anything can happen, making this an event not to be missed.”

Brooks Said Adversity Makes People Stronger

While speaking with “CBS Evening News” anchor Norah O’Donnel, Brooks noted that, while he has been successful, he has learned that adversity makes people stronger, and it can help them bounce back during tough times they may face.

“You’ve got a bow and arrow, right?” Brooks said. “The only way that arrow is going to go far at all is it’s got to address resistance, right. So for every dreamer out there, when you hear ‘no, it cannot be done, just let it keep comin’ … Because once they let go of that arrow, all those no’s, all those impossibles are what’s gonna fuel you to turn those dreams into reality.”

Later, Brooks and Yearwood discussed the impact they could make on lives, which they especially realized during their Facebook Live-breaking concert.

“We’re seeing how big things can be when we all do them as one,” Brooks and Yearwood said in a statement announcing the show.

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