Is Tyler Baltierra’s Friend Ashley Brady Still Living With Him?

Ashley Brady

Tyler Baltierra's friend Ashley Brady asks Catelynn Lowell if she can stay with them on Tuesday's "Teen Mom OG."

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell agreed to bail Tyler’s friend out of jail after she violated probation. Ashley Brady, who was Tyler’s best man at his wedding, called the MTV stars in previous episodes. Tyler agreed that she could stay at his house in Michigan, but Ashley also had to make sure that was alright with Catelynn.

“Cate, are you OK with me staying here?” Ashley asked in a preview for Tuesday’s episode. “I mean, if you were just sitting around not working, I wouldn’t like it,” Catelynn told her.

Ashley’s Arrest Stemmed From Being Caught with Heroin

Ashley was arrested after she failed to get drug tested days before her probation was slated to end. A warrant was issued for her arrest for missing the test even though she was clean. While on the phone, Ashley told Catelynn she could be going to jail for a long time. “I’m just going to expect the worst and hope for the best. That’s really all I can do,” she told Tyler after he bailed her out. “I’m sorry that I put you in the position of watching me drag myself down.”

Tyler had a serious talk with his friend. He has experience with dealing with addicts, including his father, Butch, his sister April, and Catelynn’s mother, April.

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“It’s really hard,” Tyler told Ashley. “It’s so difficult. And I do sympathize with someone who has an addiction and they’re recovering but loving someone with it is so hard. The addict gets to feel these emotions and then they get to go get high,” Tyler said, adding that the people who love the addicts have to pick up the pieces.

When Ashley thanked Tyler for picking her up from jail, the MTV reality star said it would take more than words. “The best thank you can give me doesn’t even need words. Show me,” he said.

“I really appreciate it though, Ty. More than you could know.”

Tyler Talks About Condoning Versus Supporting

Catelynn received flack from fans after she publicly supported co-star Amber Portwood after she was charged with domestic violence. Tyler backed Catelynn’s decision to go with Amber to court, even though they both didn’t agree with Amber’s actions.

“I can’t believe how people online are acting,” Tyler said. “I don’t think you did anything wrong. What friend wouldn’t go support their friend they’ve known for ten years when they needed it and it was before all this audio got released.”

Before the audio of the incident was leaked online, the Teen Mom cast wasn’t sure what to believe. Headlines claimed that Amber attacked boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a machete. In the audio, it sounded like Amber could be heard hitting a door that Andrew was behind while he was holding their son.

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“Why is everyone so obsessed with black and white?” Tyler asked. Tyler said he went to court with his father before and he didn’t condone him breaking the law. Catelynn agreed and said she would still be there for Amber despite the backlash, but the reaction of the fans was making her uneasy.

“What they need to do is Google search the difference between condoning versus supporting. You tell me if it’s the same,” he said. “I rather be wrong and support a friend.”

Catelynn added that when she went through her own mental health struggles–where she battled depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts–it would have made it “ten times worse” if her friends dropped her.

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