‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 7 Finale: Recap & Review of Episode 10

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Tonight is the Season 7 finale of When Calls the Heart. Fans have been on the edge of their seats, wondering if Elizabeth would finally make her choice between Lucas and Nathan. Here’s a review and recap of Episode 10, written live as the episode aired. This article will have spoilers for the Season 7 Episode 10 finale. 

The episode begins with Lee and Rosemary, as Lee promises to take things easy on his first day back to work. That’s when Lee gets the news that his sister is coming to Hope Valley the very next day. What a surprise! Lee’s surprised but conflicted.

In the next scene, Lucas is visiting Elizabeth at her home with news that the publisher wants to speak with her. “He’s waiting for your call,” he says, encouraging her that this likely means really good news for the prospect of her book.

In the next scene, Elizabeth learns that Fiona is leaving. :( Hopefully that gets changed somehow by the end of the episode.

And Lucas was right – the news was good! But there’s a catch. “Excuse me, how much?” Elizabeth asks. She’s getting paid a $200 advance!

The scene shifts to Lee and Rosemary. Lee’s worried about his sister’s visit. “This telegram business. I offer to go see her. She sends a telegram to avoid any discussion… That’s my sister… Sending a telegram would leave me to believe that not much has changed.”

Things take a dark turn in the next scene when Henry gets dizzy and almost collapses. Carson warns Henry that he needs to take things easier for his own health.

And now we’re greeted with an awkward Lucas-Elizabeth-Nathan scene. I still think Lucas is the better match, but a lot of viewers disagree with me.

I love the scene where Elizabeth announces her good news to Rosemary. I think Rosemary is Team Lucas, but Elizabeth isn’t ready to make a decision between the two men.

Bill needs to talk with Nathan alone. It turns out that the prisoner’s family hired a lawyer and the trial’s being moved to another city and Nathan has to go. “The arresting officer has to testify,” Bill tells him.

And Lee’s sister Susannah is here. :)

Elizabeth learns from Henry that Lucas wisely pulled out his investment. And honestly, who can blame him? Henry was very sketchy about showing him the books and put things off until it was much tougher to fix the problem. But I think Elizabeth might see things differently and maybe this will push her more in Nathan’s direction.

In the next scene, Lee is having an awkward meal with his sister and Rosemary’s trying to be really supportive. Susannah says she’d feel more comfortable staying at the hotel and not their house.

And now Elizabeth is about to confront Lucas about his decision.

“It’s a little more complicated than that,” Lucas says. “I had no choice. I’ve been paying the men out of my own pocket… I just can’t afford to keep doing it.”

Elizabeth admits Henry didn’t tell her that. Lucas says that the way Henry ran the company is what caused the problems. “I can’t afford to keep throwing good money after bad,” Lucas says. He had suggested suspending operations until they could figure out the next step.

Elizabeth apologizes and says she should’ve given him the benefit of the doubt. But Lucas graciously says, “I can’t fault you for caring too much.”

I guess that turned out better than I had predicted earlier in this story!

Lucas meets with Henry, concerned about him, but Henry is feeling pretty bitter about the whole thing. Lucas tells him that if the company goes under, a lot of people in the town will suffer. “I will agree to remain your partner…but I need to be majority owner.”

Henry’s not happy about Lucas’ offer, but I think it’s a very fair deal personally.

It turns out that Susannah and Lee still have a lot to work out between them. I’m seeing a theme here of angry departures and stressful encounters.

The next day, Elizabeth runs into Nathan before the school day starts. Nathan is trying to ask Elizabeth out but he keeps getting interrupted. This makes me feel that the show is pushing us more to Nathan and Elizabeth ultimately, but I still personally feel that Lucas is a better match.

Rosemary confronts Susannah and tells her that Lee almost died the week before. “When he woke up, he simply didn’t want to leave this earth without reconciling with you… The Lee I know today, he’s a good man with a big heart.”

In the next scene, Lucas tells Elizabeth that Henry turned down his offer. But Lucas says they should be celebrating her book deal and not be sad. “Life is too short not to appreciate the good things when they happen.” He invites her to meet him later in the library.

Carson asks Fiona if she really wants to leave. No, Fiona doesn’t, but she doesn’t think she has another choice. “I’m a very small cog in a big wheel,” she says, “and dispensable. That’s what my boss told me.”

Carson’s upset about how Fiona’s boss was treating her. I can’t help but wonder: could there be sparks between Carson and Fiona? I know he and Faith are together, but Faith seems to be gone a lot these days.

And WOW. Lucas set up an amazing room for Elizabeth, with candles and champagne to toast her success. He wants it to be a date, and it looks like she might be considering the idea. He’s got candles set up everywhere and it’s a really romantic scene. :)

And Elizabeth is definitely encouraging him. Ok this is looking hopeful! Good job When Calls the Heart.

The finale is going by really fast.

Susannah dropped by to see her brother again, heeding Rosemary’s words, and it looks like things are thawing between them. I like how this show has so many little happy endings. :)

In the next scene, Fiona takes Carson’s advice and stands up to her boss. It’s a power move that doesn’t always end well, but something tells me it will for her. :)

Nathan tells Elizabeth that he’s leaving town for a few days. It seems like Elizabeth is cooling to Nathan, but that preview I saw about someone getting shot (maybe) might change things.

Oh wait, Nathan just asked Elizabeth out to dinner. “Why don’t you think about it,” Nathan suggests. She doesn’t say yes or no, but she’s definitely considering it.

Henry offers to let Lucas buy him out completely and not just take majority ownership. I wasn’t expecting THAT one. Elizabeth’s surprised by the news too. “The thing is, I know next to nothing about the oil business,” Lucas confesses to Elizabeth. Uh oh.

Nathan and Bill are riding with their prisoner, and a woman with a rifle stops them in the middle of the road. Her name’s Jenny and she’s somehow connected to the man they’re transporting. She tells them to let the man, her brother, go. Nathan tries to talk her out of it, which doesn’t seem like a good idea. She’ll face 20 years if she breaks him out, while he’s only facing two or three years now.

A dumb Mountie pulls out his gun right when Jenny was about to hand over her rifle. We hear a shot ring out, but we don’t see what happened or who was shot.

That’s a pretty intense commercial break.

Of course, the show doesn’t return back to that scene, but to Lee and Rosemary sending Susannah on her way back home. Everything’s happy in their world, but we know things are pretty serious just down the road.

Fiona, meanwhile, is feeling pretty proud of herself. She’s staying in Hope Valley, but she was fired after standing up for herself. Well, I didn’t expect that one. “Because I’m not small and I told my boss that,” she tells Carson. “I love it here, but you never know, I might leave someday for the right job. But this wasn’t it, so thanks.”

Bill rides back into town and has someone with him with a gunshot wound. Oh no…

Was it Nathan?

Elizabeth is horrified. I imagine this will bring back some really bad memories of what happened with Jack.

“He’s gone,” Carson says.

Lucas steps out and Elizabeth is still in shock.

But it wasn’t Nathan, it was someone else. Nathan is just fine. Elizabeth runs to Nathan and hugs him, leaving Lucas looking very sad.

And the episode is over.

It looks like Elizabeth hasn’t made her decision yet. I personally still think Elizabeth will ultimately end up with Lucas after she gets over the shock of thinking Nathan died, but the ending has certainly left the window open for her to decide that Nathan is ultimately the right choice for her.

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