Who Died on the ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 7 Finale Tonight?

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If you watched the When Calls the Heart Season 7 finale on Hallmark, then you might have some questions about that last scene. Who was shot and died in the season finale?

Nathan Wasn’t the Person Who Died in that Last Scene

The good news is that it wasn’t Nathan. Many fans were worried that Nathan was going to get shot and possibly die in the season finale. But in the last scene, he showed up just fine and Elizabeth ran to him and hugged him. She was no doubt having flashbacks to when Jack died.

But who did die?

We could hear Carson and Bill talking about someone died. If you looked closely, you could see the upright boots of someone in a red Mountie uniform. It looks like a Mountie did die when the prisoner’s sister Jenny shot her weapon. But it wasn’t Nathan.

Fans have a lot to say about that moment. One fan wrote: “Omg I thought it was Nathan who died! Thank god it wasn’t! And the look on Lucas’ face when Elizabeth hugged Nathan!”

Fans are thrilled that we didn’t lose yet another main character on the show tonight.

When Carson said “He’s gone” after Bill rode back into town with someone who had a gunshot wound, everyone thought it was their new favorite Mountie. But it was another Mountie who was with Nathan. Nathan’s OK.

It was a tough wait though. Not only did fans have to wait until after the commercial break to find out, but the show didn’t even return to that scene right away.

But Nathan is just fine. It looks like the person who died was an unnamed character and not one of the main character’s that we’ve been following.

Another viewer mentioned this interesting question: “Was fearing Nathan got shot too much of a repeat for Elizabeth? Will she choose the candle loving Lucas??”

So now Elizabeth is still left with a really big decision to make. Although she’s certainly glad to see Nathan alive, that doesn’t indicate her decision by itself. Remember, last season ended with Nathan looking sad, and this season it’s Lucas.

It looks like Season 8 is going to spend some more time with her trying to make up her mind between Nathan and Lucas.

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