Who Is Kitty on ‘The Masked Singer’: Fans Think Jackie Evancho

Who is Kitty The Masked Singer


Who is The Kitty on Fox’s The Masked Singer? Some fans think they’ve figured out the answer based on clues and performances by the singer, and some are confident that it is none other than the singer Jackie Evancho.

This week’s episode of The Masked Singer features the final six performers taking the stage as the competition heats up and the finale looms closer on the horizon. Fans take to social media each week to guess who’s who, and the panel has had plenty of guesses of their own.

Here’s what we know so far:

Fans Think The Kitty is Jackie Evancho

After the most recent episode, fans took to Twitter to express their belief that the Kitty is Jackie Evancho, an 18-year-old singer who previously appeared on America’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent: The Champions. One fan wrote “Kitty #themaskedsinger – Jackie Evancho I don’t care what anyone says.”

Another wrote “I think the Kitty is Janet Evancho. She played Robert Redford’s Daughter in the movie The Company You Keep.”

Another replied to a tweet saying the Kitty is Christina Aguilera by saying “Lol…. actually Kitty is the gifted teen Classical artist Jackie Evancho credit where credit is due please.”

Earlier in the season, fans were positive of The Kitty’s identity. One fan wrote, “Kitty IS Jackie Evancho! 99.999% sure! #TheMaskedSinger.”

Fans have also responded to Evancho’s Instagram uploads asking if she’s The Kitty on The Masked Singer and saying that they can’t wait to watch her perform.

The Kitty on ‘The Masked Singer’: Clues So Far

The top clues that have been released through this season of The Masked Singer include visual clues like milk, pirates, a wizard, the moon, a shattered rose, and Little Red Riding Hood. Kitty has also said that sewing is one of her favorite pastimes and she enjoyed English in school.

Evancho portrayed Little Red Riding Hood in a play in the fourth grade, and she is from Pittsburgh, which could be what the pirates are referring to.

According to an unidentified childhood friend, Kitty was always writing poems and directing horror movies while growing up. Kitty has said she feels “at home among the weird and the wonderful.” She also said, “I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.”

Fans and viewers have pointed to The Kitty’s two different-colored eyes, which could suggest that the celebrity beneath the mask is heterochromatic as well, which would definitely narrow down the possibilities of who The Kitty could be. It’s important to note that The Kitty is also short.

In one episode, The Kitty gave Robin Thicke a friendship bracelet that said “Fireworks,” saying that the “first time we met was lit.” This led fans to look up Evancho and Thicke’s relationship, finding that they performed at The Grove Tree Lighting & Fireworks together.

Other clues include a possible connection to Anna Gasteyer and a dragon and a pope hat along with references to the musical Grease. 

The panel has guessed The Kitty could be Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts or Kate Bosworth.

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