Who Killed Asher Millstone on ‘HTGAWM’?

Asher Millstone

ABC Everything we know about who might have killed Asher Millstone on "How to Get Away with Murder."

How to Get Away with Murder left fans with more questions than answers when the mid-season finale aired in the fall. Not only did it seem like Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) was dead, Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) was resurrected. Most shockingly for some, Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry), who has served as the comic relief for the series throughout its run, was killed.

The synopsis for Thursday’s episode, titled “We’re Not Getting Away With It,” seems to suggest Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Connor (Jack Falahee) might know who killed Asher.

“Annalise’s disappearance is uncovered, and the fallout affects everyone. Following Asher’s death, Michaela and Connor are booked on murder charges and forced to make the most difficult decision of their lives. Bonnie (Liza Weil) reveals a secret about Tegan (Amirah Vann), and Gabriel (Rome Flynn) becomes a potential murder suspect on the return of How to Get Away with Murder.”

Who Killed Asher?


One of the most popular theories among fans, especially on Reddit, is that Frank is responsible for Asher’s murder. He’s long served as Annalise’s hitman and confidant. Bonnie called Frank Charlie Weber) after Asher went to her house. and tell him not to go into the kids’ house but to come straight to hers. Frank is known to clean up other people’s messes, and Bonnie might have asked him to kill Asher so he didn’t give more information to the police.


Asher went to Bonnie’s house after he fought with the group, but no one knows what they talked about or what happened while he was there. Asher tried to defend himself for working with the FBI and even slammed Annalise. No matter what has happened, Bonnie has always tried to protect Annalise. It’s possible she killed Asher.

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One of the least liked people in the group is Gabriel (Rome Flynn), and it almost might be too obvious for fans if he was the one who killed Asher. They are essentially in a love triangle with Michaela, and they live next door to each other. He recently discovered there was much more to know about Sam’s murder and an unknown person knocked on his door. It could have been Asher and the consequences of that encounter could have been grave.

There’s another theory on Reddit that suggests Gabriel and Asher got into a fight and that Asher killed Gabriel. While he was walking away, he slipped and then succame to his injuries. Frank arrived after Bonnie called him to check on Asher, and then placed the poker by Asher’s body.


Considering Asher wasn’t the biggest fan of Annalise at the time of his death, it could have been his former mentor who had him killed. Asher was feeding information about her to the FBI and was trying to turn the others against Annalise. Even though she was heading to the airport to sneak away, viewers never see her get on the plane. Instead, she asks the driver to turn around and we don’t know why. Could it have been to kill Asher? It’s unlikely that she would do this task herself. Plus, she was planning on fleeing and it wouldn’t matter if Asher had turned on her. It would also be out of character because no matter what has happened, Annalise always generally tried to protect her students.

Yes, Asher Is Really Dead

McGorry confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Asher was really dead, but he wouldn’t give any tips about the culprit. “I don’t even know who Asher’s killer is,” he said.

McGorry suggested maybe it was a group effort by the K5. “Did they just get together and take turns hitting him in the head?” he said. “Anything is possible.”

Just because Asher is dead doesn’t mean he won’t appear on the show. He’ll be shown in flashbacks to explain how his death happened. “You’ll definitely see more of Asher,” McGorry confirmed. “Asher is dead as a character, but he is not gone. He will live forever in your hearts, and also, he will continue to be on the show.”

In a Season 6 twist, it was revealed Asher was the mole. McGorry doesn’t blame his character for working with the FBI since they were blackmailing him. “I do understand why he did what he did,” McGorry said. “It did feel like it was all kind of like tumbling down and I think he was afraid and he’s been afraid for a long time and I think really is what ended up getting to him.”

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