Angie Douthit, Mackenzie McKee’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Instagram Angie Douthit is the late mother of "Teen Mom OG" star Mackenzie McKee. She died from cancer when she was 50 years old.

Angie Douthit is the late mother of Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee. She died from cancer in December when she was 50 years old after battling nearly two years.

Tuesday night’s episode of the series is slated to show the memorial service for Douthit, a marathon runner who ate healthy, never smoked and exercised two to three times a day. “Tonight is going to be hell to relive on #TeenMomOG,” McKee wrote on May 5. “I am still broken and I may never be healed.”

McKee, who originally appeared on Teen Mom 3, regularly talks about her mother on social media. In a recent post, she talked about how important physical fitness was to Douthit. “In several ways I want my kids to look up to me the way I did my momma. One huge thing I’m so thankful for in her (other than her faith) was her love for fitness,” she wrote. “Man, that woman was an animal. A freak of nature.”

To find out more about Douthit, continue reading below for five fast facts:

1. Douthit Wanted People To Run With Her

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Romans 14:17 “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” Life is crazy right now. Something I would have never imagined happening. But here is one thing my mom taught me I will hold onto for life. I love having money, I love making money, I love owning nice things and being able to afford them. From the age 18, I knew I was going to be a business girl. I wanted to make a good life for me and my kids, so I opened a business. My mom helped me create my first big program and was always proud of me. However, when things would go wrong, expensive equipment would break, or programs wouldn’t sale as expected, I WOULD FREAK! I would go to her and cry. If I was in a money bind, I would panic. I wasn’t happy unless I was successful and one day she told me…… “Sis, money and success isn’t where true happiness is found. In the end it won’t even matter. These things are not life. But God offers us true life through Jesus Christ. It’s the best life anyone could give and everyone is given this opportunity. It’s the only way to peace, joy, and fulfillment. So stop worshiping money and start worshiping God.” Like WOW. This will always stick with me. Yes I want to go far, but I want to live for God MORE! Through this crazy covid-19 and losing so much money in business, I am at peace that my happiness doesn’t lie within the money I make. And God will never allow me to go without. He has us all in the palm of his hand through this. He wants us to worship him and not worship the things we are lacking at this time. #alwaysbekind #staystrongmightywarrior -Mackenzie McKee, daughter of Angie Douthit

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No matter how sick she got, Douthit wanted people to get off their couches an exercise. As explained on her website, Angies Race, Douthits cancer had spread to her liver, bones, and lymph nodes in May 2019. Two more tumors were found on her brain.

She also got sick with two different types of pneumonia, but she didn’t give up. Douthit was determined to race in July, even as she continued with more radiation and chemotherapy.

“Regardless, Angie’s goal is to get the entire world up on their feet, moving and exercising. She strongly desires to see people from all over the world to get up and start their health journey,” the website said. “This can include running, walking, biking, swimming, dancing, or anything physical.”

2. Douthit Became a Motivational Speaker After She Got Sick

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2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.“ This day was a day I will remember vividly for the rest of my life. It was only a month before her passing. My mom was very sick, her body hurt all over, and what we didn’t know is her liver was shutting completely down. She got up and sent me a text saying “get your butt up, im not freezing alone. Lets run this race”. My sister ran the race but wanted to run her normal speed. My mom told me she would be ok and to take off running, but I chose to stick by her side. We walked/jogged and I knew half a mile in it was going to be a long journey. Let me remind you that she was a marathon runner before being sick. Her breathing was heavy and her pain was unbearable. On mile 1.5, she told me it was an emergency, its bad and we needed to find a bathroom. I frantically tried knocking on building doors with no luck and I turned and saw such sadness in her face as she said “its too late, call your dad and tell him to come get me, take off and finish sis” she was embarrassed, and now I know this happened because her liver was failing. I took off running and was bawling so bad people thought I was NOT OK. I finished and over the microphone I hear ‘we have someone finishing so lets all hang on tight” I knew in my gut because I KNOW MY MOM, that she cleaned up and had to finish her race. She knew in her heart it was her last race. I was so emotional I fell to my knees crying. I looked and saw her walking with my sister, Whitney had went back to finish with her, so I took off to finish with them. I knew her body was giving it everything it possibly had. We held her hand and we jogged across the finish line as everyone in the race was behind her walking and cheering. She fell down and thew up right there as my dad cried over her. I just sat and looked at the woman who raised me and thanked God. This hour of life showed exactly who she was and who we all should be. We are running Gods race and need to give it our all daily no matter how difficult the obstacles are. #alwaysbekind @angiedouthit

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One of the things Douthit always wanted to do was help people. When she got diagnosed with cancer, McKee revealed that her mother was forced to slow down and think about her future.

The thing that should out to her was she should be spreading the word of God. McKee said the idea came to her while she was going through a CAT scan.

McKee said Douthit tried to accept every opportunity for a speaking engagement. “I never knew a human could achieve what she did in two short years,” the MTV reality TV star wrote. “Most don’t achieve it in their entire life. People were calling her left and right and sometimes she had to turn down a few things because she was booked.”

3. Douthit Told McKee She Would Take Over Her Speaking Engagements

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I always loved listening to my family speak. My mom had a gift of speaking and when she got sick, she said God spoke to her while she was getting a CAT scan. She was the woman that never stopped her entire life. Between owning an at home daycare, raising 5 of us. Then becoming a teacher and coming home to cleaning and cooking, to leading the youth, mission trips, YOU NAME IT. Life really got ahead of her and she handled it like a champ. But she said that when she got sick, she was forced to slow down and listen to God. And she could hear Him loud and clear “remember when I told you to become a public speaker? Now is your time!” She was sad to have to give up all the mission trips and leading classes at work, but she didn’t waste a single second. We laugh to this day because we lost count at how many speaking engagements she had, how many lives she touched, and how many people she lead to the Lord. I never knew a human could achieve what she did in 2 short years. Most dont achieve it in their entire life. People were calling her left and right and sometimes she had to turn down a few things because she was booked. Some weekends she’d speak at 3 different events. And even when she wasn’t supposed to speak, she would figure a way out how to. I took her to New York with me and they wanted me to be on a podcast, and next thing you know they handed her a mic and on she went.. she never said no to an oppurnity. She told me 2 months before going to heaven that God told her that I was going to use my platform to inspire others to get closer to God. I literally laughed. People have seen me as a joke ever since being on tv and its really shot down my self esteem. But our plan isn’t always Gods plan. I got a call the other day asking me to speak at a worship event and my brain was saying “NO NO NO NO”, But God was saying “YES”, and out am the words “YES I WILL’’. Okay God, here I go! I am nervous, but like my mom said, stop waisting time, get to doing Gods work, we are not promised tomorrow. #alwaysbekind #staystrongmightywarrior -Mackenzie Mckee, daughter of Angie Douthit @mackenziemckee

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McKee loved to listen to her mother talk, but she didn’t think its something she could ever do herself. Its something McKee never thought was possible.

“She told me 2 months before going to heaven that God told her that I was going to use my platform to inspire others to get closer to God,” she wrote her mother’s Instagram page on May, which she and her sisters now control. “I literally laughed. People have seen me as a joke ever since being on tv and its really shot down my self esteem.”

Now the mother-of-three is going to follow in Douthit’s footsteps after she received an opportunity to do a speaking engagement. “I am nervous, but like my mom said, stop waisting time, get to doing Gods work, we are not promised tomorrow,” she wrote.

4. McKee Has Been Struggling with Douthit’s Death

On Teen Mom OG, McKee was open about not being ready to let her mother go. She was devestated when her mother told her the cancer had spread. Her mother was one of her cloest friends, someone who gave her advice about marriage, helped her raise her children and someone McKee turned to.

With her gone, McKee has experienced more pain than she could imagine. While getting a pedicure with one of her friends on Tuesday’s episode, McKee talked about what the struggle has been like.

“I walked in here and the last time I got my toenails done with was my mom. That’s what we always did together,” she said on Tuesday’s episode. “Everyone always says it gets easier and it just seems to be getting harder every single day.”

“I don’t know why I’m crying,” McKee continued. “I’m just in so much pain I’m crying. And it hurts so bad. Some days I don’t even know what to do with the amount of pain. Some days I feel paralyzed where I can’t even get out of bed and move. I am not okay.”

5. Douthit’s Left a Legacy of Spreading Love and Kindness To Others

In an Intagram post written by Kaylee Taylor, one of McKee’s sisters, Taylor talked about the importance of being kind. She learned it was important to be compassionate to everyone, not just other people who were nice.

“One of the many things that I learned through mom’s cancer journey was that being kind to everyone really did mean EVERYONE,” Taylor wrote on May 1. “Even people who disagree with me. I know how difficult that can be sometimes. I have been guilty of actually disliking people who don’t hold the same beliefs that I do.”

“Jesus tells us that it’s wrong to feel this way. Love is everything. Jesus is love. If everyone grasped this concept, think of how the world would change,” she continued. “Let’s love.”

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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