Cady Groves’ Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Cady Groves with Brother Cory Groves & mother Carol Petitt

Twitter/Instagram Cady Groves with brother Cody Groves & mother Carol Petitt

Country and pop singer Cady Groves has died at the age of 30. The news was first revealed by Cady’s brother, Cody Groves, on May 3, and Cady’s management later confirmed the singer’s death.

Cody said that the medical examiner “has completed [an] autopsy and there was no indication of foul play or self harm. Simply put, Cady Groves died of natural causes.”

He also said that Cady had “some medical problems last fall and our best guess at this point until further testing is complete is that they had resurfaced.” Cady’s management confirmed the news in a press statement.

Cody is just one of Cady’s many siblings — Cady had a very large family.

Here’s what you need to know about Cady Groves’ family:

1. Cady Was Born in 1989 to Parents Carol Petitt & Larry Groves

Cady was born on July, 30, 1989, in Marlow, Oklahoma. She was born to mother Carol Petitt and father Larry Groves. The singer’s parents divorced, and Cady lived in multiple small towns — including Lawton, Oklahoma and Emporia, Kansas — before settling in Nashville, Tennessee, where she lived at the time of her death.

Her mother currently lives in Wichita, Kansas.

2. She Had 6 Siblings & 3 Half-Siblings

Cady grew up with six siblings: Kevan Groves, Cody Groves, Casey Groves, Kyle Groves, Kelsy Groves and Kelly Groves. She also had three half-siblings, Courtney Farmwald, Adam Groves and Carrie Groves.

Cody broke the news of Cady’s sudden death, and he said that he was traveling to Nashville with their mother Carol. Cody posted a new Twitter profile picture after revealing the news:

3. Cady’s Siblings, Casey & Kelly Groves, Died of Drug Overdoses

Two of Cady’s brothers, Casey and Kelly Groves, died of drug overdoses, according to The Oklahoman. In 2012, Kelly was injured in a car accident after his Jeep was hit by a texting teenager driving 55 mph.

After the collision, Kelly needed back surgery and ended up becoming addicted to prescription pain killers.

Brother Cody said to The Oklahoman:

Obviously he was addicted to them, but you can be addicted to them because of the pain. He wasn’t taking them to get high … Of course, the doctors were prescribing tons of them, like more than they should have been, and then … they stopped working, and so then you need more, you need more, you need more.

In March 2014, he died a few weeks before his surgery at 28 years old. Casey Groves died seven years prior to Kelly’s death, and he also died from an overdose, according to the outlet’s report.

4. Cady Joked That She Was Her Mom’s  ‘Less Hot Twin’

The above Instagram post is a picture of Cady’s mother Carol. In the caption, Cady said, “Ok but why, out of all of the 7 kids, did I have to become my moms less hot twin?! Like wtf….”

She shared another photo of her mother when she was younger holding a young Cady. The singer said, “So my mom just texted me this Photo and was like ‘look familiar?’ And I am SO SHOOK. My mom somehow cloned herself. With no makeup…I am my mother’s literal twin. Ignore my fat baby face.”

Here is the picture:

5. Cady Wasn’t Able to Spend Easter With Her Mother Because of COVID-19

On April 9, Cady posted on Instagram a message about not being able to spend Easter with her mom, in Wichita, Kansas.

She said:

No matter how much money you have…remember your dang mommas, kids. Moms deserve to be recognized…and I miss mine so much right now. Maybe it’s because im the baby of 7 and kinda “need” her more…but I love this dang woman and look up to her so much. I’d give her the world If I had it-and it makes me sad that she’s all alone in all of this mess. LOOK OUT FOR YOUR FAMILY. Especially now. Damn this virus!

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A post shared by Cady Groves (@cadygroves) on Dec 28, 2019 at 2:33pm PST

On December 28, 2019, Cady celebrated her mother’s 62nd birthday. She shared the above video on Instagram of her singing to Carol. They celebrated the occasion in Wichita, Kansas.

The singer also spent Christmas with her mom. Here is a video:

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IT HAS BEGUN. #xmas2k19 #carol

A post shared by Cady Groves (@cadygroves) on Dec 21, 2019 at 10:45am PST

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