Did Cory Wharton Win ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’? Spoilers

Cory Wharton

Instagram "Teen Mom OG" and "The Challenge" overlapped with Cory Wharton, who left his daughter Ryder to compete for $1 million.

MTV reality star Cory Wharton made the tough decision to briefly leave his daughter, Ryder, for a chance at $1 million while competing on Season 35 of The Challenge. While he was away, Teen Mom OG showed that Ryder had to be hospitalized, and ex Cheyenne Floyd struggled if she should tell him Ryder was in the hospital. Ultimately, Floyd–along with Wharton’s fiance Taylor Selfridge–agreed they wouldn’t alert Wharton about Ryder’s health emergency.

Teen Mom OG has referenced Wharton being on The Challenge several times. They didn’t reveal if Wharton won the top prize, since The Challenge is currently playing out on MTV, coinciding with Teen Mom OG.

Ryder was diagnosed with VLCAD, or Very-long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency, a few days after she was born. It’s a metabolic condition, which means the body has trouble breaking down fats. Floyd and Wharton have to be conscious of what Ryder is eating and make sure she gets proper nutrition.

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Did Wharton Win ‘The Challenge’?

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Before Season 35 premiered, the rumored winner had already leaked in March. According to the spoiler site Vevmo, cited by IBT, Wharton does not win The Challenge. He comes in third place, along with Bayleigh Dayton. Naturally MTV did not confirm the winners, but IBT noted that Vevmo has been correct about past predictions, including their report for the winners of War of the Worlds 2 last season.

Vevmo claimed Kaycee Clarke and Kyle Christie took second place, while–probably not surprisingly–Jenny West and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio took home the $1 million prize.

What Happened to Ryder?

Ryder was hospitalized while Wharton was competing on The Challenge because she was nauseous and having a hard time keeping food down. She was also groggy and had a hard time staying alert. Floyd quickly took her to the emergency room.

Floyd missed having Wharton’s support. “Part of me wants to tell him, because he’s never going to understand because he’s missed these times, but I just don’t want to mess with his head,” she said. “But I could really use the help, just support.”

The day after the episode aired, Floyd slammed Teen Mom OG fans who claimed she was looking for attention from Wharton.

“For everyone who keeps saying Ryder was in the hospital because I was seeking attention from Cory… what’s wrong with you? I allow them to show when Ry is sick to bring awareness to her illness,” she tweeted on May 12. “Either then that shut the f*** up.” The MTV reality TV star added: “I swear some of you Teen Mom ‘fans’ are f***ing idiots.”

When Wharton did return from The Challenge, he was happy to see Ryder and commended Floyd for dealing with the situation on his own. They hadn’t talked about how they would handle something happening to Ryder while he was away, but Wharton agreed that Floyd made the right choice.

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