Dreka Haynes, Kevin Gates’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Ned to Know

Dreka Haynes, Kevin Gates

Instagram/Dreka Gates Dreka Haynes pictured on her Instagram page in September 2019.

Dreka Haynes is Kevin Gates’ wife. The couple has two children together, Khaza and Islah. Islah was the title of Gates’ debut album. The family lives in Calabasas, California.

In May 2020, social media users alleged that a sex tape showing Gates had emerged. Heavy has reached out to Gates’ representatives for comment on the rumors. At the time of writing, neither Gates or Haynes have commented publicly on the rumors.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gates & Haynes Met in 2004 in Louisiana

dreka gates instagram

Instagram/Dreka Gates

Haynes, 33, met Gates in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Haynes says on her Facebook bio section that her hometown is New Orleans. The couple met in 2004. Haynes is Gates’ manager, according to her LinkedIn page. Haynes is a graduate of Louisiana State University where she majored in Fashion Merchandising. Haynes graduated in 2006.

On Twitter, Haynes refers to herself as the co-founder and CEO of the Bread Winner’s Association, Gates’ record label. Haynes has not tweeted since February 2020. Her latest tweet reads, “Most people call it a “gut feeling”….I call it spirit. Spirit never lies.”

On her Instagram bio, Haynes says that she also manages her daughter, Islah’s, acting career. Haynes writes on her bio, “Just Business & Living in the ❤️.” Haynes has not posted on that profile since May 6. Haynes denied rumors that she was pregnant with the couple’s third child in February 2020 in an Instagram post. Haynes wrote, “I don’t have a bun in the oven.” The rumors began due to a photo that Gates posted of his wife. Some commenters felt that Haynes showed a baby bump in the picture. Gates’ explanation was that his wife had drunk a lot of water that day.

2. Haynes Released a Song Dedicated to His Wife in February 2020

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Haynes released the song named for his wife, “Dreka,” in February 2020. Gates said in a January 2020 interview that Haynes “built him.” In the same interview, Gates said, “Without a strong woman in your corner, a man lacks stability.”

Gates was quoted in 2013 as saying, “I got some children. I’m real real close with them. I lay in the bed with them, hold them, love on them. It really doesn’t make sense to say [how many kids I have]. Not in a bad way, but it’s not like the public will ever get to see my children, and if they do see them, they aren’t going to know they’re mine.”

3. Gates & Haynes Are Both Practicing Muslims

The couple is practicing Muslims. In July 2016, Haynes posted a video to her Facebook page showing the couple on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Haynes said that the theme of a May 2017 photoshoot she modelled for was “Provactive Muslim Woman.” In January 2019, Haynes tweeted, “Having God answer your prayers, is like witnessing a magic trick. All you have to do is believe.”

4. Haynes Had Her Breast Implants Removed in February 2020

Dreka Gates

Instagram/Dreka Gates

Haynes posted a video in February 2020 showing her breast implant removal surgery. Haynes said that during the surgery she stayed awake and was administered a local anesthetic. Haynes also wrote, “It was painless and we even talked throughout the surgery! Recovery was unbelievably easy and I didn’t take anything for pain.”

Haynes wrote that she got breast implants in February 2017. Haynes said that she made the decision after losing 15 pounds. She said, “I lost a lot of volume in my breasts and only wanted the volume back so I chose to get implants.” Although Haynes said that initially enjoyed having the implants, she said, “A few years passed, and I found out that all of a sudden I had high estrogen levels, I cut my hair off twice because it was thinning out a lot, and my skin was just having breakout after breakout.” Haynes added that a “good friend” told her to look into having her implants to see if they were the cause of the problems.

5. Haynes Said in a 2018 Interview That She Has Had a Hard Time Balancing Her Professional & Personal Life

Dreka Gates

Instagram/Dreka Gates

Haynes told Rolling Out in a 2018 interview that she has had a hard time in the past balancing her professional and personal life. Haynes said:

It is extremely difficult. I have had problems where I was too much into the business and neglecting my wifely duties, but I have gotten better at that. Kevin is good in areas that I’m not good in and I’m good in the areas that he’s not good in, so we make a really good team.

As far as with our kids and stuff, we definitely have help with that. We have nannies and my mom she helps out a lot. It would pretty much be impossible without help. Being in the industry becomes your life, not just your career.

Haynes said in the interview that she is a “part-time vegan.” The only meat Haynes said she consumes is seafood because her doctor worried that she was not getting enough protein. Haynes said that she does not eat any fried or fast food and that her “thing” is green juices.

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