Frank Bielec Dead: ‘Trading Spaces’ Designer Dies at 72

Frank Bielec

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Frank Bielec, one of the designers from “Trading Spaces,” has died at the age of 72. TMZ reported the designer’s death, adding that his wife Judy confirmed the news to the outlet. On Thursday, May 14, Bielec suffered from a heart attack and was taken to the hospital in Katy, Texas before being transferred to Houston. According to TMZ, he died on Friday, May 15, at the hospital.

Bielec was a loveable and friendly designer best known for his appearance on TLC’s “Trading Spaces” every season until its end in 2008, as well as the 2018 reboot. He was known for adding a lot of little details and artistic touches to his designs, including stenciling and drawing.

Vern Yip, a designer who sometimes appeared on “Trading Spaces,” tweeted about Bielec’s death:

He wrote: “Lovely Frank Bielec passed away today from complications following a heart attack. Funny, wise, nice, and talented, he always lent perspective and levity to every situation. Thanks you for always being kind to me. I will miss you dearly friend.”

Bielec Became a Fan Favorite Soon After First Appearing on the TLC Show

The designer first appeared on “Trading Spaces” in the very first episode of the TLC show, and Bielec soon became a fan favorite thanks to not only his design style but also his personality. Bielec was funny and never took the show too seriously, so he frequently became friends with the homeowners he worked with. He also returned for the reboot in 2018.

During a Good Housekeeping interview, he said that he never set out to become so popular and, in fact, didn’t even intend to appear on the show. A demonstrator became sick at a Nashville paint convention and a Home & Garden TV producer was there and took to his humor. When it came time to decide whether or not to return for the reboot, he told Good Housekeeping: “I just thought there were so many reasons I didn’t want to get back into that stuff, the whole celebrity thing.”

Bielec Lived in Katy, Texas & Owned an Arts & Crafts Company With His Wife

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Bielec was from Katy, Texas, where he lived with his wife Judy. The two started Mosey ‘n Me together, an arts and crafts business, in 1989. Their work included floral design, painting, cross-stitching, greeting cards and needle felting. The company was named after their daughter, Melissa, nicknamed Mosey, who died when she was just three years old.

In an interview, Judy said: “I lost my daughter, Melissa, when she was just three in a fatal car accident. Unfortunately a drunk driver was the cause. Her nickname was Mosey. When Frank registered our business, he surprised me by naming it after Melissa —  Mosey ‘n Me. It is his way of keeping her a part of what we do.” Bielec said, “Spend an extra couple minutes with your children. Read them a book.”

Bielec obtained his master’s degree in art and education and used to work as a first grade teacher.

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