Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards’ Feud on RHOBH

Garcelle Beauvais

Getty "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Garcelle Beauvais wrote an email to family and friends about ex-husband Mike Nilon being a cheater.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast is usually wrapped up in some drama throughout the season, and this season is no different. Cast members Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards recently reignited their feud.

The show has been around for over a decade, and has been drama-filled the entire time. This season is a bit different in that some of the drama, especially that between Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville, may shake up personal lives big-time.

“It was a challenging season for me, to say the least,” Richards told ET. “This was something I was not expecting at all.”

Richards and Beauvais Feud Over Who Wore it Better

This time, the drama stems from something as little as insulting each others’ outfits. Beauvais is one of the newest members of the cast, so it’s possible she doesn’t feel as comfortable with the other women, but she’s already the subject of a feud on social media.

Last week, Kyle live-tweeted about her outfit choice, which happened to include purple knee-high boots. The tweet led to Beauvais defending herself on Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, Kyle said, “Garcelle snickering that my outfit is hideous while wearing stretchy purple knee high boots with a pink suit dress … that her stylist picked for her #rhobh.” She later told a fan that she deleted the tweet because she didn’t think it was nice.

A fan wrote, “Am I the only one who liked [Beauvais’] pink dress and purple boots lol? I thought it was fun and appropriate for the occasion.” Beauvais retweeted with an added comment, writing “Thank you Dorothy fashion is supposed to be fun.”

They Also Feuded During the Season

While the most recent development in the feud between the women may have to do with social media, the beginning of the feud didn’t. In the latest episode, Beauvais argued that Richards had said a lot of nice things about her but failed to get to know her as a person, calling her out for being fake. Richards said she felt like she had already gotten to know her and had just been working a lot.

For context, at the time of filming, Richards was working on her new fashion line while also filming for RHOBH and filming the new Halloween sequel, Halloween Kills. She is also a mother of four.

After the party, Richards continued to talk about Beauvais, and Beauvais was seen laughing at the “hideous” outfit Richard had been wearing. Beauvais, on her part, said that she never meant to hurt Richards and it was all a game, but the fans didn’t agree and have been hitting back on Twitter.

They’re also hoping that the two women can get back on track in the future.

Richards is the last remaining housewife from the original cast of the show, and she said she loved it because she’s always been a “girls’ girl.”

“It’s always fun for me to have girl time,” she told Celebrity Nine. “I’m a girls’ girl. I come from a family of all women. I have all daughters. I enjoy that girl time. And that’s probably what keeps me here a whole decade later.”

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs at 9 p.m. ET Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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