Are Geoffrey & Varya Still Together on 90 Day Fiancé? Update

Geoffrey and Varya, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Geoffrey and Varya, stars of the TLC series "90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days."

Geoffrey and Varya, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Dayshave had a rocky, tumultuous relationship throughout their time on the show. Although they’ve been on relatively decent terms over the last few episodes, Geoffrey’s trip to Russia got off to a bad start and it only got worse as the trip went on, especially after Geoffrey opened up about his criminal past.

The May 10 episode of Before the 90 Days is no different and features another fight between the two, which might have fans wondering what’s going on with the reality couple today. Are they still together or did they go their separate ways after filming wrapped up?

While it’s too early to know for certain if the two are still dating, we’ve got some thoughts on their relationship. Keep reading for details, but be warned: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined ahead of the May 10 episode of the show!

Geoffrey Breaks Up With Varya After She Turns Down His Marriage Proposal

Geoffrey and Varya, 90 Day Fiance

InstagramGeoffrey and Varya, stars of the hit reality series “90 Day Fiance.”

Although there is no clip of tonight’s episode that features Geoffrey and Varya (as TLC hasn’t shared one promo of their storyline all season), their relationship falls apart during tonight’s episode after Varya rejects Geoffrey’s marriage proposal.

She tells Geoffrey during tonight’s episode, “I want to say that you are absolutely amazing, wonderful man and we spent great time here in Russia.” However, she adds, “Maybe we are going too quick?” When he asks her if she’s saying no, she responds, “Maybe, not now? I’m not ready to leave everything here. I just say, not now.”

Geoffrey does not take the rejection well, despite Varya’s continued attempts to make him understand that she doesn’t want to end their relationship, she just wants to take things slower. He ends up being really cold and distant during the remainder of his time in Russia, and decides to break things off with Varya just outside the airport before he flies back to the U.S.

“I don’t know how to make it any clearer. This is it. I’m leaving. I’m going home. I’m gonna live my life apart from you,” he tells her during tonight’s episode. He then gives her a stiff hug and heads into the airport. When she chases after him he tells her, “I need someone to love me and not stop. You second guessed the situation. I don’t know what you expect me to do or expect me to say right now. I am hurt. I am going home, okay? So thank you for everything.”

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It’s Unclear if They Reconciled & Got Back Together Afterwards, But We Don’t Believe They Did

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Camping in Russia. Behind the scenes. In Siberia, mosquitoes are the size of a fist and, if desired, they together can carry a frail newborn. I even told these stories to Geoffrey—trying to dissuade from camping. But this was obviously in vain. We went to the middle of nowhere and, for 2 days, I lost hot water and a toilet. I think it’s no secret to anyone that Igor became a real highlight of these shooting days. This big and strong as a bear, Russian, was a real soul of the company. Igor has several super abilities: he can skillfully joke in sign language and facial expressions and, with only the use of his mind, can force you to drink vodka with him. By the way, the account of this superman is @boldyrev5684 and something tells me that we will see him on 90 day fiancé the other way. So, Igor hadn’t seen Geoffrey for so long that he was eager to finish the shoot and finally talk in an informal setting. Therefore, he did everything possible to sabotage the filming process and tried to give the producer a drink. We must pay tribute to @shawnmichaels42 twice smaller and thinner than Igor kept himself, like a real hero, and politely dodged each poured glass of vodka. Fortunately, moving from one city to another was so tiring that we didn’t shoot until late at night as usual, but finished early to try all the dishes prepared by Igor in the fresh air. And of course to party like wild Russians. This is where the heat started! Cultural exchanges showed that the Americans invented the atomic bomb in vain. Russians could be dealt with «s’mores». I myself know that it’s hard to survive after such a carbohydrate stroke. In turn, we showed the Yankees which appetizer, according to the periodic table, is best combined with a traditional Russian drink. Well, the culmination of the evening was my favorite drunken fun – jumping over a big fire. By the way, did you know that eyelash extensions curl and stick together when they melt? I know now! Referring Back to the mosquitoes, my warning went unheeded to Geoffrey. The next morning, having lost his vigilance he was bitten by a mosquito in the most vulnerable spot. In his man’s part. It’s a wild Siberia babe!

A post shared by Варя Малина. Ведущая❗️Рязань❗️ (@varya.malina) on May 5, 2020 at 1:20pm PDT

It’s unclear at this time if Geoffrey and Varya are still together today, or if the two ever attempted to reconcile after Geoffrey returned to the U.S. Contractual obligations to TLC stops both reality stars from publicly sharing much in terms of their  relationship status while the show is still airing, and Geoffrey’s Instagram page doesn’t reveal much about his love life at the moment.

Although Varya has a few photos of Geoffrey on her page, they are mostly just throwbacks of their time in Russia, with captions reminiscing about their time together; the captions don’t indicate if the the two are still together today. However, they still follow one another on Instagram, so even if they are no longer dating, they appear to still be friends.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey is currently facing some new, serious criminal charges, including aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with emergency calls and vandalism after his ex-girlfriend accused him of attacking her in their shared home. Although he told Knox News that he is not guilty, he has yet to be charged and has an upcoming court date in June.

According to FraudedByTLC, Geoffrey was also not invited to the Season 4 “Couples Tell All” taping, and we have a feeling his most recent arrest is the reason why TLC hasn’t promoted his and Varya’s storyline at all this season. The charges involve an ex-girlfriend that was living with Geoffrey at the time, so it doesn’t look like Varya was involved, or even still with Geoffrey as of June 2019. Based on their relationship on the show, his pending criminal charges, and his absence from the reunion, we don’t believe the two are still together today, but we won’t know for sure until Season 4 wraps up.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. You can find updates on the Season 4 cast, weekly spoilers, couples predictions and more 90 Day Fiancé coverage here.

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