Ghislaine Maxwell Today: Where Is She Now?


Ghislaine Maxwell is one of the many people who will be mentioned on the new Netflix documentary about Jeffrey Epstein called Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. Maxwell, the former girlfriend of Epstein, has been out of the spotlight for some time. Where is she today? Read on to learn more about the latest news on her.

This Month, Ghislaine Maxwell Got a Deposition for a Civil Lawsuit Delayed

GettyGhislane Maxwell with an unidentified male companion attends the Opening of the Asprey Flagship Store on 5th Avenue December 8, 2003 in New York City.

Maxwell is facing a number of lawsuits against her at this time. In May, Maxwell won a request to delay questioning against her in a civil suit brought by Annie Farmer, Fox News reported. The basis of the suit was that any testimony she gives now might incriminate her if a criminal case is brought against her in the future. The judge said that she wasn’t delaying a deposition or written response forever, but at least until they know if criminal cases will be moving forward.

Farmer’s suit alleges that Epstein and Maxwell both sexually abused her at Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico. The civil suit seeks $634 million in damages, Fox News reported.

Sarah Ransome, who says she was a victim of Epstein, told BBC that Maxwell controlled the girls and was “like the nuts and bolts of the sex trafficking operation.”

Virginia Giuffre, another alleged victim of Epstein, has accused Maxwell of recruiting her at the age of 15. Giuffre tweeted in March about Maxwell, saying that she was playing “the victim card.”

In March, Maxwell Sued Epstein’s Estate & Her Current Location Isn’t Publicly Known


In March, Maxwell sued Epstein’s estate, seeking a reimbursement of security costs along with legal fees to defend herself from the many lawsuits she’s facing, The Guardian reported. She said she had “no involvement in or knowledge of Epstein’s alleged misconduct.”

She said she had to “find safe accommodation” and hire personal security because she had received so many death threats. Maxwell has not made her current location public. She sold her New York and London homes, ABC News reported, and closed down a non-profit group she managed.

Meanwhile, in January, lawyers for several of the women suing Maxwell said that they were having a difficult time locating her, ABC News reported. She’d reportedly been in Massachusetts, France, Israel, and even California according to different reports in the media.

On May 21, the Daily Mail questioned whether Maxwell might be at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, citing a request she made to have Farmer’s civil case moved to the state. The request to move the civil case was filed in the Southern District of New York. The request said the case should be moved to New Mexico because that is where the alleged assault was accused of taking place.

The Daily Mail reported that Maxwell has only been seen in public one time since Epstein was arrested. That was in Manchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts, where Maxwell was rumored to be staying with Scott Borgeson. A neighbor said she had left about a month earlier, the New York Post reported. However, Borgerson disputed the rumors and said she wasn’t at his home and he hadn’t seen her in quite some time. He also said they had not been dating.

Borgerson spoke with Business Insider after the Daily Mail report was released, and referred to Maxwell as his “former friend” when he was asked if they were dating. He said he has been out of the country traveling when the report was made and no one has been living at his home. Borgerson said the same thing in a comment to Daily Mail. He said: “I’m traveling abroad for business. Ghislaine Maxwell is not at my home and I don’t know where she is.”

Around that same time, in August 2019, another image appeared to show Maxwell eating at an In-N-Out in California, the New York Post reported. The Post reported that she was eating outside at the In-N-Out while reading a nonfiction book called “The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.” She was there with her dog and reportedly told someone who saw her: “I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!”

On May 22, ABC News reported that Maxwell still had not been seen in public for a number of months and her location is not known.

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