The Text Messages Revealed in the Heather Elvis Missing Case

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The Charley Project Heather Elvis.

A new episode of Disappeared in the Darkness: An ID Mystery airs on Wednesday, May 27 at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery. The episode features the story of Heather Elvis, a woman who went missing in 2013.

Investigation Discovery’s official synopsis for the two-hour episode reads “When police near Myrtle Beach discover an abandoned car at a boat landing, they surmise its owner, twenty-year-old Heather Elvis, has vanished. They soon discover she’s been enmeshed in a love triangle with a married man and led down a path of deceit.”

According to WMBF News, Sidney and Tammy Moorer are currently serving 30-year prison sentences for the kidnapping of Elvis. During their trial, text messages emerged as evidence that Sidney and Heather were linked romantically and Tammy knew about it.

Text Messages Suggested That Tammy Was Contacting Heather From Her Husband Sidney’s Cell Phone

According to ABC 15, texts obtained from Heather and Sidney’s phones showed that the two were in communication. At one point, Sidney texted “Heather you wanted to speak to me earlier, you can call now.”

WMBF News reported that addition text exchanges suggested that Tammy was actually the one texting Heather from Sidney’s phone. During the trial, Will Lynch testified regarding conversations he was able to obtain using software, citing this exchange:

Sidney’s Phone: “What do you want to talk about?”
Heather’s Phone: “I think you’re a little obsessed with me.”
Sidney’s Phone: “Nah, it was a bore.”
Sidney’s Phone: “If you want to speak to me, call now. Otherwise leave me alone forever.”
Heather’s Phone: “Really? So that’s why you’re still childishly texting me from your cheating husband’s phone?”
Sidney’s Phone: “Call the number, it’s me.”
Heather’s Phone: “You call.”

In addition to the messages, Lynch testified (per Myrtle Beach News) that there was phone activity between Heather and the Moorers the morning she went missing.

Text Messages Between Tammy & Her 18-Year-Old Romantic Interest Complicated the Trial

In addition to the messages and phone calls exchanged between Sidney’s phone and the phone of Heather Elvis, Myrtle Beach Online reported that sexually-explicit messages sent my Tammy Moorer came to light during the trial, almost leading to a mistrial.

According to Oxygen, Tammy’s text messages to a teenage boy named Caleb were read as part of Lynch’s testimony.

In one text, she wrote “I want you Caleb. You don’t even know. I want to f–-k the hell out of you.” While defense attorney Greg McCollum deemed the messages “the most blush-worthy language I’ve ever experienced,” counsel said that the messages between Tammy and Caleb were irrelevant to the case.

According to ABC 15 News, in an interview with Horry County investigators following Elvis’s disappearance, Tammy Moorer addressed the nature of her relationship with her husband. She said, “I have boyfriends. We have an open marriage. I could care less if he has sex with 100 people. I mean that doesn’t really bother me.”

In that interview, Tammy also admitted to knowing about Heather and Sidney’s involvement. She remarked “She’s not right. She’s not normal. I look 20. I’ve partied with bands constantly. I wasn’t that kind of girl and, believe me, I had the friends to make me that kind of girl and I didn’t do it, so there’s something not right with her.”

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