WATCH: Helena Bonham Carter & Sam Neill’s Quarantine Video Goes Viral

Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill

Getty Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill star in a video short about quarantine.

Oscar-nominated actress Helena Bonham Carter and Jurassic Park star Sam Neill are making the most of their time amid coronavirus, and gifted social media with a hilarious video short about life during coronavirus. Entitled, “Das Fone Hell,” it quickly racked up nearly a half-million views since Neill posted it on Twitter.

Giving Quibi a run for its money, Carter, 53, plays Neill’s iPhone, which he absent-mindedly leaves at home while going for a quick “essential” grocery run — he clearly stepped out to buy a few bottles of wine. Carter explains as “Sam’s Phone,” that leaving her at home was unacceptable and stressful for everyone invloved.

“Think very carefully what might’ve happened in those 10 minutes,” Carter says. “The Kardashians could’ve had another baby. Ariana Grande could’ve dropped a single. Trump could’ve bombed Beijing for ratings…”

Neill shared the “Cinema Quarantino Production,” by tweeting, “At vast expense, filmed on two continents over what (seemed like) five years, this profound and heartbreakingly candid insight into Modern Life will shake you to the core (Pilates 101).”

The Irish-born actor playing a version of himself tells Carter, “The last ‘Sam’s Phone’ I had was the Nokia 8210. I loved that phone. [The] charge lasted a week, you could put it in the pocket of your jeans, it didn’t look weird. Beautiful.”

“That dumb b***,” Carter responds, not liking one bit that Neill is talking about another phone right in front of her, “I’m smart. I’m beautiful. And what do I do for you? LIST IT!”

Neill wistfully responds, “Music, movies, Candy Crush, Grand Theft Auto — I’m top level actually.” He admits that typically when he leaves his house, he usually sings, “Keys, wallet, phone,” but this time, he failed.

Sam’s Phone is very successful in making him feel bad for leaving his home with her, even it was only for 10 minutes. “Big mistake,” Neill says. “My agent could’ve called for a job in 2025. Did he call?”

“No,” Sam’s phone says.

Neill Has Shared Numerous Self-Made Videos On Twitter While In Quarantine

Neill was not likely the first person most people would think would become a social media influencer amid quarantine, but the 72-year-old actor is clearly having a blast making his own videos to pass the time. The three-time Golden Globe nominee decided to be “an influencer” during the lockdown, even though he admittedly has no idea what an influencer does.

The actor, who has homes in Wellington, New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia, discusses very important topics such as fridge magnets.

Neill’s Twitter handle, “Two Paddocks,” is named after his winery of the same name, which has multiple locations throughout the Central Otago region in New Zealand. The Two Paddocks wine bottles are also featured in his video with Carter. The winery confidently states on their website, “In short, we have become outrageously ambitious – we want to produce year after year, the world’s best pinot noir.”

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