HTGAWM Series Finale Live Spoilers & Recap: Ending Explained

How to Get Away With Murder Finale

ABC "Stay" - Annalise discovers there's a surprise witness that threatens her case. Meanwhile, Connor tries to persuade the K3 to go along with a new plan. Elsewhere, a lie between Frank and Bonnie threatens their relationship as Annalise's killer is finally revealed on the series finale of "How to Get Away with Murder," THURSDAY, MAY 14 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC.

After 6 seasons, How to Get Away With Murder reached its conclusion with a dramatic series finale. The final episode, entitled “Stay,” aired on Thursday, May 14 at 10/9c on ABC.

So, what happened during the finale, and how did the beloved television drama come to an end? Read on for our full recap of the episode, and beware of major spoilers ahead.

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‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Series Finale Recap

The episode’s shocking start flashed forward to a shooting in front of the courthouse where Annalise Keating’s trial was taking place. Keating’s mother remarked, from inside the courthouse, that Annalise was outside where the shots were fire; however, the victim shot’s identity was not revealed in the cold open.

When the episode shifted into its “present” timeline, Frank was on the hunt for information about his mother, and Bonnie went to Laurel to talk about Frank and his troubling past.

Frustrated by her trial’s progress and the potential outcome, Annalise revealed to Tegan that their witness for Sam’s murder was Wes Gibbons, who left a confession in a safety deposit box.

Flashing forward again to the scene from the cold open, Tegan yelled at Annalise to “get down” as shots were fired. Laurel looked onward from her getaway car, where her son Christopher sat in his carseat. The shifting timelines appeared to be an ode to the show’s signature structure, which moves between present and future until the timelines converge and the murder victim (and murderer) are revealed.

Frank confronted Viola about his parentage, and thanked her for saving him. As Frank revealed his vulnerability, Viola urged him “No more hating yourself.” Then, Frank presented her with a flash drive of evidence, telling her it’s “how you’re gonna win.”

In the courtroom, Keating presented the jury with a recording of the newly-deceased Hannah Keating called Xavier Castillo about Nate Lahey Sr.’s death, suggesting that Hannah was murdered to prevent what she knew from coming to light.

Behind the scenes, the AD offered Nate Lahey Jr. $20 million to testify against Annalise Keating, and Keating prepared to question him about it on the stand.

Back at Oliver and Connor’s house, the newlyweds and Michaela continued to argue about whether or not Connor should go to jail. After threatening divorce, Connor finally conceded not to turn himself in.

Just then, Connor got a call from Langford offering him an improved plea deal, with no years in jail and probation, if he testify against Keating right away.

On the stand, Nate Lahey testified as a witness that he believed he was framed for the murder of Sam Keating. When prompted to say that Annalise framed him, he said that it was Hannah Keating who framed him with the help of the Castillos. He added to his testimony that he believed the Castillos hired an FBI agent to kill Asher.

Before saying goodbye to Annalise, Nate gave her Wes’s confession to the murder of Sam Keating, which he found on Xavier Castillo.

Connor presented Oliver with divorce papers, saying he refused the plea deal and would be going to prison after the trial. While Oliver protested the divorce, Connor told him that what was keeping them together was “death, murder, and trauma.” Seemingly sealing the deal, he told Oliver “I don’t love you.”

In her closing statement, Annalise confessed to the crimes she is guilty of and admitted to being a “bad person,” but asserted that she is a survivor and not a murderer. The stirring and emotional speech showed off Viola Davis’s acting chops once more and was a great testament to the complexities of Annalise Keating’s character.

After her statement, Tegan confessed her love to Annalise Keating, but Keating shot her down saying she couldn’t promise to give her the same love back.

Finally, it was time for the jury’s verdict. Their decision? Not guilty. While that was a victory for Keating, it meant that Connor had to go to jail (much to the dismay of Oliver, who told Michaela “It should have been you”).

In prison, Laurel Castillo’s father was unexpectedly stabbed.

‘HTGAWM’ Series Finale Ending Explained: How Did it End?

Before the series came to an end, it delivered one last unexpected (and murder-filled) twist that likely confused viewers with its action-packed final minutes.

While Keating spoke to the press as a free woman, Frank emerged from the crowd and produced a gun. In the show’s last big shock, Frank shot the governor and, in turn, was fatally shot by police. After dying in Bonnie’s arms, Bonnie realized that she had also been shot. She died as Annalise held her.

The episode flashed forward to Annalise Keating’s funeral, which was teased all season as a suggestion that she would be murdered before the show ended. A man looking just like the presumed-dead Wes (played by actor Alfred Enoch) stepped forward, but it wasn’t Wes at all – it was Wes and Laurel’s son, Christopher. Christopher stood by his elderly mother’s side, proving that the scene was many years into the future, suggesting that Annalise lived a long life and died of natural causes.

Oliver and Connor, still very much together, were also at the funeral, but grown-up Christopher did not recognize them and Laurel told him they were “old friends,” suggesting that the surviving members of the “Keating 5” did not stay friends after Annalise’s trial. Although Michaela was not present for Keating’s funeral and seemed to have lost the friendship of the others due to her actions during the murder trial, she had a triumphant ending and was shown getting sworn in.

With his money, Nate Lahey went on to build a correctional facility named after his late father.

After Eve, Annalise’s longtime love, delivered her Eulogy, the final scene of the series showed Christopher entering a law classroom at Middleton. He stood at the front of the classroom as the class’s professor and, in a full-circle moment for the show, wrote “How to Get Away With Murder” on the chalkboard behind him.

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