Jeffrey Epstein’s Family: Did He Have Any Children?


Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with sex trafficking, died in August 2019 of a suspicious hanging while he was in a jail cell in Manhattan. Did Epstein have children? Although he never had kids, he did have an extensive family, including a brother who works in New York real estate and believed Jeffrey Epstein was killed. Now Epstein is the central focus of a new Netflix series called Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. 

Epstein Never Had Children & Never Married


Jeffrey Epstein never married, although he was connected to numerous girlfriends over the years. He also never had children.

He reportedly once said that he wanted to marry the teen daughter of one of his ex-girlfriends, Business Insider reported. He had dated Eva Andersson Dubin, former Miss Sweden, for 11 years in the 80s into the early 90s. After they broke up, he said he wanted to marry her daughter Celina Dubin, The New York Post reported. In 2014, Epstein reportedly told associated that if he was ever going to marry, it would be Celina, then aged 19. There was never any evidence they had a romantic relationship.

He was also connected romantically once with Ghislaine Maxwell, who is now the center of numerous lawsuits.

His Brother Mark Works in Real Estate & Is Jeffrey’s Only Sibling

New details of Jeffrey Epstein's will released l ABC NewsEpstein's will, signed two days before his death, names only one heir, his brother, and seeks to appoint two of his attorneys as executors of the estate. #ABCNews #Epstein #EpsteinWill2019-08-20T13:07:27Z

Just two days before he died, Epstein signed his will and it only named one beneficiary: his brother Mark Epstein, ABC News reported in the video above. His estate was valued at $577 million or more, including $56 million in cash. (The Guardian reported that it wasn’t clear if Mark Epstein was actually a named beneficiary.)

The will he signed put his assets into a trust fund, The Guardian reported. The assets listed included $18.5 million in cars, aircraft, and boats; arts and collectibles; and properties in Florida, New York, New Mexico, Paris, and the Virgin Islands.

Mark Epstein has insisted that his brother Jeffrey was innocent and that he did not commit suicide but was killed, Miami Herald reported. Mark said that when his brother died, he hadn’t seen him for seven years. He said they weren’t close, but Jeffrey did call him “when he first got in trouble.” He claimed that his brother reformed himself after he was released from jail in 2009.

In July 2019, Mark offered his Florida home as collateral to help Jeffrey Epstein make bail, The Daily Beast reported.

He said that while Jeffrey went into the finance world, Mark himself was drawn to the artist community. Mark also said that before going into real estate, he owned a silk-screening business.

In August 2019, the Daily Caller reported that Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Adam Schiff were on the board of Humpty Dumpty Institute, a think-tank group led by Mark Epstein. The Institute works with the United Nations and was co-founded by Constance Milstein in 1988. Mark served as vice chairman and represented the group with U.N. dignitaries.

Jeffrey Epstein Grew Up in New York with His Brother & Parents

Jeffrey Epstein grew up in New York with his brother, Mark, and their parents Seymour and Pauline, Miami Herald reported. Seymour and Pauline Epstein were married in 1952 and were still together when his dad died in 1991. Seymour Epstein died at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio while being treated for a heart condition.

Mark told the Miami Herald that Seymour was a maintenance worker and laborer for the New York City Parks Department, and both he and Jeffrey were close to him. He said their mom, Pauline, was a secretary for an insurance company.

Vanity Fair reported that the Epsteins’ parents believed that getting a good education was “the way out” for their sons.

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