Are Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols Still Together?

Jenna and Zach


Jenna Compono from The Challenge and MTV star Zach Nichols are still together, but fans are seeing the reality TV stars experience a rocky part of their relationship. As Compono struggles to keep her head in the game, she and Nichols have been fighting during their weekly phone calls.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Compono and Nichols announced their engagement in December 2019. “We’re so excited to announce we will be getting married one year from today,” Compono told MTV News in February. “Valentine’s weekend will be extra special next year!”

Compono and Nichols met nearly six years ago 2014 when they appeared on Battle of the Exes II. At the time, they were both with their former partners. They called it quits in 2016 and then reconnected in 2018, Us Weekly reported.

Compono and Nichols both like to regularly post about each other on social media. “I’m more of a hell and back kind of girl. Til death do us part seems like the easy way out,” she teased after announcing their engagement. Since then, she’s been counting down the days on Instagram until they say, “I do.”

Nichols seemingly joked about quarantining with his fiancee, sharing a picture of them lying in bed together. “I get to see her every waking second… of every single day,” he wrote. Compono added, “I don’t see a problem here.”

Compono and Nichols Want to Have Children Together Soon

The couple wanted to get married earlier so they could start having children, but decided on a February wedding because that’s when the venue they wanted was available. “I winded up loving the date due to the time of year and our color choices for our wedding. Venue dates go fast in New York, so the day after we were engaged, we already started looking for places!” Compono told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview.

They chose a wedding venue on Long Island. “No one celebrates weddings better than New Yorkers! I think every New Yorker can agree, we like to go over the top with any type of celebration, especially a wedding,” she told Us Weekly.

Some Fans Don’t Think Compono and Nichols Are a Good Match

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While Nichols and Compono are planning their wedding and future life together, not everyone is supportive of their relationship. A sneak peek video for Wednesday’s episode of The Challenge shows Compono struggling to reach Nichols over the phone. Once she does get to talk to him, he calls her “Brooke” when she asks who’s calling him. They struggle to connect over the phone and Compono leaves the conversation in tears.

The scene led to Compono addressing the fight on Twitter on May 4. She reasoned most couples fight during a relationship.

“We all have a past, and we all make mistakes, it takes a strong couple to move on and get past it,” she wrote. “A lot of you bring up things that happened five years ago, we chose to move on from it, so we wish you would too.”

Compono, 27, asked that people not bring up previous arguments they had. “We are well aware of what happened between us in the past, we don’t need to be constantly reminded,” she said.

Was this a stupid argument? Yes. Did we both overreact and could it have been handled differently? Yes. But we couldn’t figure out the issue and had to wait each week to talk to each other to continue the convo.

The New Yorker added that most contestant on The Challenge would never want their personal life shown on the reality TV show, but they didn’t have that luxury since they met on Battle of The Exes II.

“This isn’t everyday life, and the fact that so many people are so quick to talk so much shit and act like we’re this horrible couple is just mind blowing to me,” Compono said. “I know my worth, and no one knows how we handle our issues behind closed doors.”

“There are no big issues here,” she continued. “This fight was months ago in reality and we have moved past it and are happier than ever.”

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