‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: Angelina’s Wedding Episode Is Next Week

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A new episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursday, May 28. This season, fans of the reality show have been anticipating the episode that features Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnik’s wedding to her now-husband Chris Larangeira.

While a new episode is airing tonight, viewers have to wait one more week to watch Angelina and Chris’s wedding unfold on MTV. Their wedding episode airs on Thursday, June 4 at 8/7c on MTV.

The official synopsis for May 28’s episode, “Rewriting History,” teases “With Angelina’s wedding right around the corner, the squad comes together to celebrate her with a trip to the Jersey Shore.”

Next week’s June 4 wedding episode is entitled “You Had Me at Um, Hello!” The description reads “The big day is finally here; Jenni is feeling cursed; Angelina is feeling blessed; and Mike is feeling a little orange.”

While their wedding episode isn’t airing until June, the happy couple has actually been married for over 6 months now.

There Was Drama at the Wedding Due to a Speech Angelina’s Costars Gave

Although the wedding episode hasn’t aired yet, there is already plenty of information circulating about the drama that went down between Angelina and her female Jersey Shore castmates.

During the wedding, Deena Cortese, Nicole Polizzi, and Jenny Farley got up to give a bridesmaid speech which the other wedding guests deemed mean-spirited, going so far as to boo the women off stage. The speech, which called Angelina insults including the “dump to their island” and “the fly to their shit,” left her in tears on her big day.

After audio of the speech began circulating online, many criticized the trio for their comments. Addressing the negative attention, Deena Cortese wrote on social media “Listen I understand your all upset about our speech but we also included nice things in it as well. We thought since Angelina always says ‘I never take myself seriously’ she would truly laugh at the stuff we said .. clearly we were wrong… our speech was not meant to be malicious .. we actually did a lot while filming with Angelina for her wedding. I’m not a mean person and our intentions were never negative. We truly thought she was going to laugh and right after we went into how lucky we are to have her in our lives and she’s the sister we needed in the house.”

Shortly after their wedding, Angelina posted a photo from the day on Instagram, writing to her new husband in the caption “We def need a total redo of this day for many reasons. I love u and your companionship.”

Angelina’s Wedding Controversy Is Allegedly One of the Reasons Snooki Is not Returning for Season 4 of the Show

In December 2019, shortly after Angelina’s wedding, Snooki announced on her podcast that she would not be returning to the reality show for season 4. She said “I just can’t do it anymore. Like literally leaving my kids to film is really really hard on me. I try and quit every single day. I just hate being away from the kids… I don’t like partying three days in a row. It’s just not my life anymore.”

According to Hollywood Life, her kids may not have been the only motivation for her departure. An insider told the outlet that the events of Angelina’s wedding played a role in her decision, revealing “Nicole felt the show was heading in a direction that she wasn’t happy with so left the show… She did not like how everything played out after Angelina’s wedding and feels she’s being painted unfairly.”

On her podcast, Snooki addressed the wedding drama, explaining that the controversial toast was given at the insistence of the Jersey Shore producers. She said “Well, we’re not really supposed to talk about but…f**k it, it’s my podcast. I literally told producers, ‘I’m not going to do a speech because I’m not comfortable doing one; I don’t think we should be doing one. [I said] ‘We’re not going to make a mockery of this wedding’ and of course we were forced to do something we didn’t want to do.”

New episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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