MAFS: Katie Introduces New Boyfriend Brandon Eaves After Divorcing Derek

Katie Conrad

Instagram "Married at First Sight" star Katie Conrad has a new boyfriend since divorcing husband Derek Sherman.

Married at First Sight stars Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad tried to make their marriage work, even staying together after Decision Day. But with the cameras gone, the couple wasn’t able to make things work. Katie suggested they split and then hooked up with her ex–the one who reached out to her about reconnecting before she agreed to marry Derek. Now, Katie has reveled she has a new boyfriend–and it’s not her ex.

Katie went on Instagram Live to share the news with her 42,000 followers. Her new beau’s name is Brandon Eaves and he’s 28 years old. His Instagram account is currently private, but Katie is one of his 863 followers. She added that “plans are in the works” for her to leave Washington, D.C.

When a fan asked why she signed up for Married at First Sight, Katie zoomed in on Brandon and wrote, “In hopes of finding this dude.” She also tagged Brandon.

Why Didn’t ‘MAFS’ Stars Katie and Derek Stay Married?

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The star of the season… Jax!!!

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As to why she didn’t stay with Derek, Katie said: “He was not it, sis. He wasn’t it.”

Katie has faced backlash for her relationship with Derek, which she indirectly addressed on Instagram: “I just want to say, for those of you who thought that I was a terrible wife, you need to see Wendy Byrde in Ozark because she is something else.” Katie confessed earlier that Ozark is her favorite show to watch on Netflix right now. Season 3 premiered March 27.

On April 15, after Season 10 of MAFS concluded, Katie revealed that she and Derek were never in love. “We weren’t as compatible as we hoped to be. We agreed to move on and see other people,” she wrote.

Katie acknowledged that some moments weren’t her best. “I said hurtful things, did hurtful things, and for that I’ve said my apologies and paid the consequences,” she said. “But I was also this- true to myself, and for that I won’t apologize.”

The purpose of the experience was to try something new. “I signed up for this to give it a chance, and regardless of the opinions of others who watched from the outside, that’s exactly what I did- I gave it a chance,” she said.

Ultimately, Katie refused to settle. “Everyone deserves to find happiness and love, and I choose to believe it comes when it’s meant to. Settling doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t worthy- it just means they aren’t what’s meant for you,” she said. “As for Derek, I hope he finds this too.”

Is Derek From ‘MAFS’ Dating Anyone New Since Divorcing Katie?

As for Derek, he isn’t seeing anyone new yet, but he did tell fans he was interested in dating. “I think I’m going to take a bit of time before I get into anything serious,” he wrote.

For those who are interested in going on Married at First Sight, Derek cautioned to go into the experience without any expectations. “The most important think you can do is have no expectations. Trust the process blindly and drink the Kool-Aid!” he wrote. “Otherwise you may ever know if it could actually work. The moment you stop believing it’ll work, is the moment the marriage fails. Make your decision at the end.”

Derek doesn’t seem to have regrets about going on the Lifetime reality TV show. In his most recent post, he shared a picture of himself with Mindy Shiben, Taylor Dunklin and Jessica Studer. “This has definitely been a crazy experience, and while it may not have worked out. I’ve still made some amazing friends,” he wrote. 

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