Why Kristin Davis Never Married

Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Davis

Getty Writer Aaron Sorkin and actress Kristin Davis arrive at HBO's New Series 'Newsroom' Los Angeles Premiere

Kristin Davis is a 55-year-old actress and mother of two who is the new host of a FOX dating competition series called Labor of Love. In it, a 41-year-old woman named Kristy Katzmann is looking for a potential partner and father to her future children. She’s ready to start a family and would love to have someone by her side, but she’s also ready to start her motherhood journey alone if she doesn’t find the right man.

All the talk of romance and babies on the show got us wondering if Davis was married and it turns out she never has been. Here’s what she has said about marriage and some of the famous men she has dated.

Davis Prioritized Having Kids

In a 2019 interview with Red Table Talk, Davis told Jada Pinkett-Smith and Smith’s mom, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, that by the time she was in her late 30s, she really wanted to become a mother but she hadn’t met the right man yet. Eventually, she looked into adoption.

“I still felt like there was a child out there that I needed to find that was my child … I can’t explain it. It was a spiritual kind of thing,” she said.

In 2011, Davis adopted her daughter, Gemma Rose, who is now almost 9 years old. In a 2013 interview with ABC News, the Sex and the City star said that she’s far too busy being a mom to get involved with someone romantically — so if it happens, it happens. But it has to be with someone who is ready to be there for her daughter (and now her son, Wilson, whom Davis adopted in 2018).

“I certainly intellectually feel like I’d like to have another romantic relationship, but I don’t know how to make the day-to-day of it happen. I don’t have time!” Davis told ABC News. “It has to be someone so awesome that I would bring him in and potentially share time with Gemma. Previously in life, stability has not been that important to me in a relationship or a man … Now I have a baby and I have to put her first and think about what she needs, and stability is a huge, huge part of that.”

In the Red Table Talk interview, Davis also spoke about the challenges of being a white woman who adopted two black children and how she is constantly worried about doing the right things for her children.

“Because my children are African-American, I feel like it’s my duty and my job to do as much research, as much work, build as many bridges as possible because you are their community.”

She added, “I work at that every day trying to figure out how I can make sure they have access to the black community, that they’re part of it, that they’re not separated from it.”

Davis’ Past Romantic Relationships

Davis has been romantically linked to actor Damian Lewis, actor Rick Fox, fashion photographer Russell James, and writer/producer Aaron Sorkin.

In the interview with ABC News, Davis said that she has friends “who have stable marriages” and she definitely admires that, but she doesn’t “necessarily think [she’s] ever had that kind of relationship.”

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“I don’t know that I necessarily totally intended to [still be single], though I do remember being young and thinking, ‘Why are all these people getting married?’ But I’m an actress — I’ve never exactly been the status quo,” said Davis.

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Labor of Love airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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