Kyle Klinger: Meet the Volleyball Player on ‘Labor of Love’

Kyle Klinger, Labor of Love

FOX Kyle Klinger, Labor of Love

Kyle Klinger is one of the 15 men cast on the new FOX reality series that premieres this week called Labor of Love, which features a woman looking for a man to not only settle down with but someone who is ready to start a family.

With that in mind, the show cast a 41-year-old woman at the center and men ranging in age from 36 to 46. One of the men competing for Kristy Katzmann’s heart is Klinger. Here’s what you need to know about him.

Kyle Is a Former Volleyball Player

When Kyle joins the cast on day one, everyone can’t help but notice that he absolutely towers over all the other men. That’s because he stands 6’8″. When asked if he plays basketball, he reveals that no, he actually played volleyball for the University of Hawaii.

According to his U of H profile, Klinger grew up in Hollywood, Florida, graduating from Charles W. Flanagan High School in 1999. He has three younger brothers named Ryan, David, and Tyler, and a younger sister named Brenda. His parents are Trina Katz and Sterling Klinger, both of whom appear on Labor of Love to talk about what their son is looking for and what kind of father they think he’ll make.

They sound like they’re on board with him trying to find love on a reality show because, as his mom says, “Love is a mysterious thing. You never know who you’re going to fall for and why. If the timing’s right, it’ll happen.”

He Was in the Air Force

According to a piece about him in the Hawaii Star Bulletin, Klinger only started playing volleyball when he joined the United States Air Force. He expected to be a mechanic in the USAF, but he saw some guys playing volleyball when he was stationed in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and decided to try out for the Air Force team.

He made two All-Air Force squads and competed on the All-Armed Forces team at the International Military Sports Council championship in Canada. Klinger rose to the rank of staff sergeant and then left the USAF to pursue his education. He had heard from his All-Air Force team coaches that Hawaii had a good volleyball program, so that is where he set his sights.

Because his time playing in the USAF didn’t count toward his NCAA eligibility, Klinger started playing for Hawaii as a 24-year-old freshman.

“You don’t get guys like this often,” Hawaii coach Mike Wilton said. “He’s mature, knows what he wants to do academically and he’s not going to be high-maintenance.”

While serving, however, Klinger did spend about a year and a half in the Middle East, though he said “most of the times, we were pretty safe.”

Hes Nervous About Labor of Love

In an Instagram post about a week ahead of the premiere episode, Klinger wrote that he was starting to get nervous about the show airing.

“Woke up today with a whole lot of self-doubt. Will I really be able to handle the drama…. the negative press, haters, internet trolls…what’s that all going to be like? Heck, I don’t know, I never thought I’d find myself worrying about how my Instagram looks, but truth is I have. Anyways, I don’t have much for answers yet. I do know that I’m more comfortable in my own skin than ever, and this is going to be one hell of a test. It’s coming whether I’m ready or not!”

Labor of Love airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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