‘Labor of Love’ Show Contestants: Meet the Cast

FOX "Labor of Love," Fox's new reality series, features 15 contestants competing for the opportunity to father Kristy Katzmann's children. Here's what we know about the cast.

Labor of LoveFox’s new reality TV series following a woman’s journey to motherhood, premieres Thursday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET. The new, unorthodox series follows 41-year-old Kristy Katzmann as she meets with several eligible bachelors, all ready for fatherhood and vying for Katzmann’s heart.

Each of the contestants hoping to father Katzmann’s children will go through a series of challenges each week to test their parenting skills and determine how compatible they are with the reality star. Keep reading for a rundown on each of the 15 contestants featured on Labor of Love: 

Alan Santini, 39

Alan Santini is a writer from South Africa. According to his Instagram bio, he lives in Los Angeles and dabbles in writing and poetry; he also has a passion for health and fitness. He links to some of his work on his page.

Angelo Castricone, 39

Angelo Castricone Jr. hails from Miami, where he works as a firefighter and practices martial arts. He was featured in three firefighter calendars (2016, 2017 and 2020) and he took part in the 2013 Crossfit Games Regionals, according to his Instagram.

Budge Collinson, 44

Budge Collinson is a creative director from Maryland. He’s a nutrition and fitness expert, as well as the founder of Drink Youth Infusion, a “Heart Healthy, CoQ10 Vitamin Energy Drink,” according to both of his Instagram pages.

Gary Malec, 38

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Gary Malec is a baseball bat manufacturer who hails from San Francisco. He’s the founder of Birdman Bats and his Instagram bio states that he’s a “lover of learning and creating.”

Jason Christopher Smith, 38

Jason Christopher Smith, a flooring business owner from South Carolina, has a private Instagram account, so his personal life is unavailable to the public at this time. His bio simply states that he’s a contestant on Labor of Love.

Keith Reams, 38

Keith Reams owns his own gym in Los Angeles – Jungle Fitness-LA. His Instagram page shows a love of fitness, health and wellness, and features several photos and videos of the reality star working out and promoting his gym.

Kyle Klinger, 38

Kyle Klinger is a sales and marketing director from Texas. According to his Instagram, he’s a U.S. veteran who loves to travel. The page features several pictures of the reality star’s travels and everyday life, including a passion for cycling.

Marcus Lehman, 39

Marcus Lehman is an anesthesiologist from Cincinnati. His Instagram bio claims that he’s a “Healthcare/Wellness expert, Triathlete, and loving family/friend,” and that he “strives to be plant-based.”

Mario Calderon, 40

Mario Calderon, an optician from New York City, is also an emcee and entrepreneur, according to social media. He loves “doing things that are of service to others” and things that “make [him] smile,” according to his Instagram page.

Matt Kaye, 44

Matt Kaye also hails from New York and is a former professional wrestler. His Instagram page is also private and only links to his Twitter page (which doesn’t exist), so it’s unclear what his interests or everyday life look like at this time.

Phillip Michael Jacques, 38

Phillip Michael Jacques is a medical technician at a children’s hospital in Los Angeles, according to his Instagram. His bio reads, “CESD Print LA // IT Model Management OC // AC Talent Commercial // Avant Artists Theatrical.”

Stewart Gill, 40

Stewart Gill, a wealth management CEO from Los Angeles, is also the founder of EVOLUTIONSapp, which is “your pathway to Financial Fitness,” according to Instagram. His page is filled with photos of his travels and promotions for the Evolution app.

Tali Raphaely, 46

Tali Raphaely is an attorney who hails from Miami. The reality star is also an author and the president of Armour Title Company, according to his social media. His Instagram page is filled with photos of boats and pictures of the city, as well as his dog Shorty.

Trent Broach, 36

Trent Broach, a tennis instructor from Colorado, calls himself the “woman whisperer” on Instagram. His bio also states that he enjoys art, tennis, traveling and ping pong, and promotes his upcoming appearance on the show.

Walker Posey, 41

Walker Posey is a funeral director from South Carolina. The reality star’s Instagram page is filled with promotions for Labor of Love, photos of his family and pictures of Posey golfing with friends.

Labor of Love airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Fox. In the meantime, you can find all the latest in TV coverage and entertainment news here.

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