Maci & Ryan Slammed For Bentley’s Wrestling Weight Loss Reactions


MTV "Teen Mom OG" fans had a mixed reaction to how Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards handled Bentley losing weight for wrestling.

Teen Mom OG fans had a mixed reaction to how Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards handled Bentley cutting weight for wrestling. The 11-year-old is focusing on sports and wants to succeed in a state competition. Bookout is trying to help her son succeed, but Edwards isn’t sure that losing weight will help him and is worried about what it might do to his development.

In the Instagram comments under MTV’s promotion for Tuesday’s episode, some fans sided with Bookout, saying she was doing a good thing by getting Bentley involved in sports. Others, however, were worried about her counting his calories and restricting his food. There was the same time of split reaction to how Edwards handled Bentley’s new diet.

A majority of people didn’t like to hear that Edwards told his son he would be a “late bloomer” and “stunt his growth,” but others agreed that Bentley shouldn’t be pushing himself too hard at a young age. Some even accused Edwards of being jealous of his son, claiming that Bentley was on the road to success and it’s something the struggling father envies.

Wrestling Has Helped Bentley Deal With Edwards’ Heroin Addiction

“Last year, Bentley was struggling to deal with his dad’s addition, but wrestling has been a great outlet for him,” Bookout says in the preview clip. “He really wants to make it to the state tournament, so I got him a private lesson. He has to stick to a diet to make his weight class if he wants to achieve his goal.”

The MTV cameras filmed Bentley’s lesson, where Bookout shouts advice from the sideline. “Maybe take a break because you got a two-hour practice tonight, too,” she tells him.

When Bentley says he’s hungry, she offers him a salad, but the 11-year-old wants chicken. “You have lost your mind!” she tells him, revealing Bentley currently weighs about 75 pounds. The weight groups are in five-pound increments, and they want to keep him in the 70 to 75-pound range.

“He is just on a very strict, good healthy calorie diet,” she says. “Lots of water and workouts to actually cut weight. And as long as he uses the bathroom every day you cut like a pound when you do that. You’ll be fine.”

Edwards Tells Bentley He’ll Be a ‘Late Bloomer’ and It Will ‘Suck’

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Edwards isn’t on the same page as his ex, who was worried about Bentley breaking his diet when he saw his father. “Bentley is still spending his time between our house and Ryan’s parents’ house,” she says in a voice-over. “So I hope when he’s over there he’s sticking to his diet because he needs to stay in his weight class to be competitive.”

Bentley tells his father and stepmom, Mackenzie Standifer, that someone lost 11 pounds to get down to 60. “How can you be stronger and not weak when you’re cutting that much weight? Standifer asks.

Both she and Edwards were confused. “I thought wrestling is about technique. I know you got to have a little bit of strength. So why aren’t you trying to gain weight?” Edwards tells Bentley. “You know what’s going to happen, you’re going to stunt your growth and when it’s time to get bigger you’re gonna be a late bloomer and it’s going to suck for you.”

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