WATCH: Maxo Kream Fights Rizzoo Rizzoo in Houston Parking Lot

Maxo Kream Rizzo Rizzo Fight

Twitter/Almighty Deezy

Rappers Maxo Kream and Rizzoo Rizzoo fought each other in a Houston parking lot on the night of May 13. Later, Kream, whose real name is Emekwanem Ogugua Biosah Jr., saluted his rival in a subsequent Instagram video. During that video, Kream confirmed his identity as one of the participants in the brawl.

Kream shot to fame in 2015 with the release of his mixtape #Maxo187. His debut album, Punken, dropped in 2018. His first album following his signing to Roc Nation, Brandon Banks, was released in July 2019.

Rizzoo Rizzoo, whose real name is Christian Landry, is affiliated with The Sauce Factory Crew. In a 2015 interview shortly after launching his music career, Rizzoo said, “Should of been picked up a mic. I was in the streets getting in trouble when I could have been doing something positive like this…”

Multiple Witnesses Have Posted Videos of the Brawl Online

Maxo Kream Vs Rizzo Rizzo Full FightCRAZYASSHIPHOP Entertainment Only here for entertainment Like share subscribe our channel Follow us on all platforms @crazyasshiphop2020-05-14T20:28:07Z

Multiple videos were uploaded to social media showing the two artists fighting. There is no confirmation regarding what the beef was over. The videos, shot from different angles, show the rappers shirtless and confronting each other with their fists up. During one point, a voice can be heard telling the crowd to let the two men fight each other without interruption.

Maxo Kream & RizzoRizzo gets into a fight lastnight in hoUSton2020-05-14T16:08:23Z

Maxo Cream Vs Rizzoo Rizzoo (FULL FIGHT👊🏽) *BEST ANGLE*#maxocream #rizzoorizzoo #saucewalka2020-05-14T19:14:21Z

Kream Called Rizzoo a ‘True Gangster’ Following Their Fight But Said it Was Never Supposed to Be Uploaded Online

In his video confirming his identity, Kream saluted his rival, saying he was a “true gangster” and commended him for not being a “snitch.” Kream said the video was never supposed to be on the internet and that the pair were having a fight over a “disagreement.” Kream said, “When you do gangsta s***, ain’t supposed to get on the internet.” Kream added, “Me being from Houston, bro, and being that a lot of n***as really die out here, and they be looking up to Trigga Maxo music … I’m like, “F*** that s**. Let’s squabble like men. Put the guns down and put the fists up.”

Kream listed a number of rappers who have died in recent years due to gun violence including Los Angeles icon Nipsey Hussle and Brooklyn’s Pop Smoke.

Rizzoo Rizzoo Got a Car From His Boss on the Same Day as the Fight

On the same day as the fight video emerged, Sauce Walka, the founder of The Sauce Factory Crew, posted a video online showing him giving Rizzoo a new car. In the aftermath of the brawl, Rizzoo retweeted a tweet that read, “I f*** wit @MAXOKREAM N @rizzoorizzoo. I salute that shit to real men gon squabble lot of men Ain’t s*** without a strap.” Another message retweeted by Rizzoo read, “How you know you gone lose if you don’t try.”

Kream Was Last Recorded Publicly Brawling in November 2019

Maxo Kream Jumps in Crowd to Fight at Show#maxokream #fight2019-11-18T05:45:06Z

As XXL Magazine noted in their report on the May 2020 fight, Maxo Kream was last recorded publicly brawling at one of his shows in Scottsdale, Arizona, when he leaped into the crowd. Kream said his target was a man who allegedly threw beer at him.

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