Mother’s Day for Cat Moms 2020 Ideas: Last-Minute Gifts

Mother's Day for Cat Moms


Happy Mother’s Day 2020! If you want to help the “cat mom” in your life feel extra special today, here are some last-minute ideas.

Gifts & Ideas for the Cat Moms in Your Life

Donation Ideas

One idea your cat mom will likely love is donating to a cat rescue in her name. Here are some ideas she might really appreciate.

Why not donate to the Best Friends Animal Society in the cat mom’s name? She’d love the donation made in her honor! You can donate here or make the gift specifically in her honor and have an eCard sent letting her know here.

You can even sponsor a cat for Mother’s Day. Best Friends Animal Society has a list here. They include cats like Coraline, Hermes, and Tigger.

Or donate to The Cattery in Corpus Christi, Texas in her name. The Cattery is a cage-free shelter for cats. Or take it one step further: they have a lot of creative cat-themed options to choose from. You can buy a community room photo tile sponsorship. Choose the picture and any words you’d like. Although it can’t be delivered right away, you could show the receipt and let your favorite Cat Mom know that you order one inscribed to her. Or engrave words on a wooden heart. The Cattery also has a Patreon here. Tiers include exclusive cat photos, a monthly cat comic, an art print, and more.

Alley Cat Allies also has options where you can donate in honor of someone here. Choose the “Make a Gift in Honor” option and you can send a card or ecard that will notify her of the gift you made in her name.

Or visit Shadow Cats’ page and sponsor a cat for her. You can pick which cat you want to sponsor and your name (or her name if you ask) will be on the cat’s biography page.  Shadow Cats cares for feline leukemia positive cats along with other abused, abandoned, stray, or injured cats in the Austin, Texas region.

If you’d prefer, you can also donate to a shelter or rescue close to you and print out the receipt, giving it the dog mom in your life and letting her know that you donated in her name. For example, Central Texas SPCA takes donations here.

More Fun Ideas

Why not bake cookies for your cat mom and homemade dog treats for her fur baby? A recipe for 3-ingredient salmon cat treats is here. Or find a list of 10 easy homemade treats for your cat here.  They include cheese treats, holy mackerel munchies, tuna treats, and more.

You could also create an eCard and send it to the cat mom in your life, signing it with her cats’ names. She would love that! Jacquie Lawson has beautiful animated video eCards about cats, but you have to pay for $ 19.99-year membership to send one. Still, these are really pretty so you might want to consider them. One is here and here. Hallmark has a super cute one for dog or cat moms here. Or you can send a more exotic gift through the World Wildlife Fund, picking some of their exotic cat eCards.

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